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Custom Care Kits

custom care kits

A new way of doing business.

During these uncertain times, companies are having to change not only the way they work, but the way they interact with their clients. JDA promo understands how important it is to stay connected with your customers and keep your sales lines open. Let us help you create a Custom Care Kit branded with your company logo and tailored to fit your customers’ needs.

These kits serve as a powerful sales tool during a time when being apart is encouraged. Maintain and foster relationships safely by reinforcing your brand to clients and companies practicing social distancing. Boost company morale and engagement with brand merchandise that continues to make employees feel like part of the team, even when working from home.


Event Cancelled?

Was your company’s event canceled due to COVID-19? Custom Care Kits are a great way to put your brand directly in front of potential clients while still practicing social distancing protocols. No more fear of missing out! We can help you customize your kit to fit the theme of your event or keep it tried and true to match your classic brand identity.


Customer Care Kits

This time apart has made it difficult for businesses to stay connected with their customers. In this digital age, Customer Care Kits help bridge that gap in a real way. Equip your sales force and market to new and existing clients remotely. Create engagement by rewarding your customers for being safe. These kits are a device for rebuilding your revenue and letting your customers know that they are valued. Add a personal touch with a card expressing the sentiment.


Employee Engagement

Employee Custom Care Kits

Between implementing physical restrictions within the workplace and encouraging telecommuting from home, it is important now more than ever that your employees stay engaged and in good spirits. As they say, a happy employee is a productive employee. Set the tone with the sweet perks of an Employee Care Kit. Let your staff know that you are all working through this time together. Customize your kit with items that are always useful in your workspace or branded wearables that make your employees feel like family.

On-boarding  Programs

Start an On-boarding Program with us! Let us help you with the newly elevated task of centralizing  your distribution of HR materials. Welcome members to the team with a kit geared towards new hires. Introduce them to your company culture and make them feel welcome with a custom kit shipped directly to your door.


How to Get Started:

How to get started on your custom care kit