2017 Promotional Product Trends

Our executive team just returned from ASI Orlando where they searched for the best new ideas and products to share with our clients. After roaming the showroom floor for two days, they put together a list of the top 2017 promotional product trends. Take a look at what’s trending, and let us know how we can help you incorporate these items into your 2017 marketing strategy!

#1: Mobile Technology:

People remain more dependent on their mobile devices than ever, so mobile technology easily tops our list of 2017 promotional product trends. From wireless bluetooth ear buds to mobile power banks, new tech gear aims to make life easier on the go. 2017 promotional product trends Some of the best new products include charging cables and boxed gift sets which can both be printed in full color for a custom look.  We also noticed a lot of tech-friendly bags for both daily use and travel. Speaking of kits, we worked with our clients to create a campaign to reduce distracted driving this year! It includes custom packaging and a microfiber bag to store your cell phone while you’re on the road. (This promotion works well as a mailer campaign for companies whose employees or contractors do a lot of driving for business. Contact us for details!)

#2: Health & Wellness:

You can read more about some of the best new items in health and wellness in this post, but after attending the ASI Show, we’re more convinced than ever that this is an area that companies can’t afford to ignore.

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Start with employee wellness first. It’s been proven time and again that healthier employees miss less work, perform better and ultimately lower insurance costs. Introducing a wellness campaign doesn’t have to be complicated. Think simple, with items such as water bottles to encourage people to drink more water. We can even provide opt-in incentive programs for achieving certain health milestones, or add a health/wellness segment to your online company store.

#3: Vacuum Drinkware & Accessories:

When branded, Yeti-inspired tumblers hit the corporate market last year, we couldn’t keep them in stock because they were so popular. This year, the trend continues with add-on accessories, new styles and better decorating options.

2017 promotional product trends
This 3-in-1 tumbler also serves as a can or bottle cooler!
As far as tumblers go, some of our favorites include matte colors, camo and two-tone metallic finishes. You can also get a longer lasting logo now with laser engraving or TruColor decoration. (You might have to pay a little extra, but it’s worth it!) Add custom packaging,  a handle or even a sleeve insulator to really make it pop.   If you’ve already done the 20 oz or 32 oz tumbler, don’t write off vacuum drinkware altogether. Go with a different size like this new 3-in-1 tumbler or a wide mouth water bottle. For high value gifts, this drinkware/cooler bundle might be a perfect solution!

#4: Athleisure Apparel:

2017 promotional products trendsIn case you’re wondering, “What in the world is athleisure?” You’re not alone. It’s a fairly new term and a trend that emerged first in the retail market. So what is it? Merriam-Webster defines athleisure as “casual clothing meant to be worn both for exercising and for general use.” This year, look for more corporate apparel designed to transition from office to everyday living. Although you might not be ready to allow leggings and oversized sweatshirts in the workplace, don’t be afraid to offer some more casual branded clothing that customers and employees can wear outside of the office. Well-known athletic brands like Under Amour and Nike Golf also offer a nice variety of performance polos that can easily transition from work to weekend. Other favorites?  Athletic jackets, pullovers, fishing shirts and tri-blend t-shirts.

Looking for more ideas?

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