Keep Your Brand on Track with these 2019 Promo Trends!

We’ve scoped out the best new products for this year, and we’re ready to share what’s trending in the promo world. Take a look at four of the biggest 2019 promo trends that we’ve seen so far!

#1: Fresh Colors, Patterns & Textures.

Expect to see lots of variety beyond typical corporate colors and finishes. Some of the most popular include:

  • Teal/Mint: You’ll find that many popular items have expanded their color options to include some riff on mint, teal, or turquoise.2019 promo trends
  • Marble: This trend picked up steam last year, and this year’s product release included a wider selection of marble-finish items. (Although you’ll mostly see it in journals, bags and drinkware.)marble journalbook
  • Cork: It’s not just for coasters. This unlikely material brings an interesting style and texture to traditional products like bags and drinkware.
  • Heather: Heather colors work really well when it comes to t-shirts, but this year they are popping up in high end apparel as well as bags and journals.melange vest

#2: Light up logos.

At our end-user shows, customers always gravitate to pens with light up logos. This year, there is a whole collection of light up logo items. Some of the most interesting items include:

  • Cable set: This set features  a USB charging cable, one USB Type C and due 5pin+micro USB cable. Your logo lights up when it’s plugged in for charging. 2019 promo trends
  • Double wall tumbler: This 16 oz tumbler (which will be in stock mid-March) lights up your logo when you press a button at the base. It includes two button cell batteries (already assembled in the tumbler) so obviously, don’t put this one in the dishwasher.light up tumbler
  • Power bank: We love the Leeman collection, and this light up your logo power bank makes a great addition to their line. It has an 8000 mAh capacity (which you definitely want in a power bank.) Want to learn more? Check out our buyer’s guide to mobile power banks.light up power bank

#3: Web cam covers.

Web cam covers attach to your laptop and basically safeguard your privacy against online peepers, giving your customers and clients peace of mind. This inexpensive giveaway just might become your new favorite tradeshow giveaway.

#4: Phone stands/holders.

People love PopSockets, and it’s no wonder. The brand’s patented collapsible phone holder/stand sits at the top of the food chain when it comes to promo phone accessories. However, if you’ve balked at the price tag, you might consider one of these styles which were designed to be a bit more budget-friendly.

  • Silicone pocket with ring holder: This one gives you the best of both worlds with a card pocket AND a ring holder! primeline ring holder pocket
  • Tuscany phone stand: The faux leather panel lays flat, but folds to become a smartphone stand. Great for folks who don’t want something bulky on the back of their phone.Tuscany phone stand
  • Pull-topper: This inexpensive alternative looks more like a PopSocket with it’s circular shape and function. However, it’s made of plastic, and sports a different closure. You can snag these for well under $3 each!pull topper

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