Best Promotional Giveaways Under $3

Sometimes you just need an inexpensive item with your company’s logo, perhaps for a tradeshow, a special event or simply because you’re on a tight budget. We totally get it, and work hard to offer quality giveaways that make the most of your valuable marketing dollars. Next time you’re looking for budget-friendly ideas, check out this tried-and-true list of the best promotional giveaways under $3.

best promotional giveaways under $3#1: Pens

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s latest research, 50% of U.S. consumers own a promotional pen.  You can great a great quality pen for well under $1, and the cost per impression is 1/10 of a cent. (That’s what we call good ROI!) Here’s our two cents on pens: You get what you pay for when it comes to quality. (No one wants a pen that runs out of ink or refuses to write after just a few uses.)  Let us help you snag a great deal on a pen with a long, smooth, write-out and good quality ink.

best promotional giveaways under $3#2: Other Desk/Office Items:

Once you’ve garnered space on someone’s desk, you’ve struck gold when it comes to repeat impressions. Our VP of Sales, Gena Mueller, recently showed me a coaster that had been in her office for over 10 years. Some of our favorite coasters include these absorbent stone coasters, as well as these fabric coasters, both of which are available with full color printing. Interesting fact: According the ASI study on impressions, desk and office items scored highest with millennials in the workplace.

best promotional giveaways under $3#3: Reusable Bags:

In the U.S., the average promo bag generates upwards of 5700 impressions during its lifetime (more than ANY other promotional product on the market.) So…not only are you doing the environment a favor, but you’re doing your business a favor as well. For under $3, you can snag grocery totes, cinch packs and other bags in a variety of styles, colors and sizes.

best promotional giveaways under $3#4: Tech Items:

Two years in a row, we named mobile tech as one of the biggest trends in the promotional products industry.  Although a lot of tech items do carry a larger price tag, you can still find some great options for $3 or less. Think ear buds, car chargers, phone wallets, cord organizers, and even microfiber cleaning cloths and bags.

#5: Kitchen Items:

Research has shown that promotional items that land at home in the kitchen usually stay there…for years. Wall calendars frequently end up in the kitchen, as do full color jar openers, pizza cutters,  and chip clips. The proof is in my own kitchen: A vendor rep gave me one of these World’s Best Pizza Cutters over four years ago, and it’s still my favorite. (The plastic blade cuts as well as any metal one, and can be removed for washing, making my life oh so much easier on pizza night.)

best promotional giveaways under $3#6: Personal Care:`

Lip balms, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen make really affordable giveaways, especially for outdoor and athletic events. We love these Made in the USA lip balms which are made from beeswax, much like your favorite brand at retail. With most of these items, you get full color printing on the label at no additional cost, so you can get creative with your message.

best promotional giveaways under $3#7: Tools/Flashlights:

For industrial and automotive clients, we’ve found that pocket tools and flashlights go over really well with end users. This keychain flashlight continues to be one of our bestsellers. Screwdrivers, mini measuring tapes and multi-tools have proven to be crowd pleasers too. It actually doesn’t have to be fancy, either. (This screwdriver works great because you can go with a single fixed blade and a button top, or swap the top for an extra blade of your choice.)

best promotional giveaways under $3#8: Individually wrapped food:

We know, we know. Once you eat it, it’s gone. HOWEVER,  if your goal is to increase your tradeshow traffic and create opportunities for engagement, then food can deliver. Things like cookies and chocolate draw a crowd and create warm fuzzy feelings, so be sure to start a conversation and redirect those warm fuzzies toward you and your brand.

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