The Benefits of Custom Kits

custom kits With many people working remotely, custom kits offer a great way to connect with your employees and customers. So, what do you need to know about custom kits, and why do you need them for your company? We put together a simple guide to the benefits of custom kits, along with our best tips for creating a kit that works for your business!

What is a custom kit?

Our custom kits are multiple promotional products that are pre-packaged and sold at one price. The custom part applies to everything from the items selected, the branding on them and even the packaging.   It is a win-win for everyone –  with quantity discounted pricing along with savings on shipping. Take a look at why we think kits are an amazing resource for your business.

Kits promote your brand with multiple items.

Let’s talk about the convenience of kits. Everyone loves “all-in-one” deals, so why not use kits to meet needs? These days the most obvious way you can provide practical kits is for the wellness and safety of others. During this pandemic, JDA Promo started producing PPE kits in response to the virus. This became a proactive way of caring for our team and for others. ppe kit First Aid emergency kits are a must to have on hand, whether it is for the treatment of something serious, tending to a paper cut or treating a nasty headache. Be prepared with that First Aid kit!ppe kit

Kits feel more personable.

The holidays may be over, but any time is a great time to give a custom kit. Kits say “Thank You” or “Congratulations” or “Just Because”.  They can also introduce a new corporate initiative or give you an in road with an existing or potential customer.   Another great opportunity for kits is for new hires, or in this photo below, new students! Teach them the culture of your company with a branded kit while welcoming them aboard! onboarding kit Think about your employee expecting a baby – custom baby kits make very thoughtful gifts that provide just what they need such as bibs, bottles, or blankets. custom kit Your client just made a large purchase from your company. Thank them with a kit! Food kits are always a perfect option to thank your clients for their business. This S’Mores Kit Bag is a perfect example of a sweet, personable thank you! food kit  

Kits maximize your brand message.

Branded kits are the perfect way to market your company, no matter who is receiving them. (For more on the growing popularity of direct-to-your-door marketing, check out this blog post on direct mail.) Custom kits allow you to convey a message through both the packaging and the products you include. For example, you could encourage employee safety during the pandemic by logo branded face masks, hand sanitizer, and touch-free tools. Our sales team will work with you to create a custom solution that represents your brand and message. And lastly, don’t forget the kits for your next virtual event. Send your guests a kit that will make your brand memorable. This could include a t-shirt, mousepad, pen, notepad, any product that will represent your company and your event well. 

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