Four Secrets to a Successful Safety Recognition Program

successful safety recognition programA successful safety recognition program can lower insurance premiums, reduce workplace accidents and injuries, and help your company keep up with the latest government safety regulations.  Over the years, we’ve found that effective safety programs usually share a few basic components, including:

#1: A strong leadership team.

According to Johnny Horton, JDA Account Executive and safety program expert, “Management is the key to any successful safety recognition program.” You need leaders at all levels of management to support and promote your program. Otherwise, as Johnny would say, you’re just “throwing money down a rabbit hole.” To start, you need buy-in from upper level management. Those folks will ultimately approve funding for the program itself. We also recommend building a team of people from within the company to plan and execute your safety initiatives.  (Most of our clients call this a safety committee.) Make sure you have a good cross section of people from various levels of leadership represented on that committee.

#2: Rewards for both processes and results.

Over the years, we’ve heard lots of debate over whether to focus on results or processes. Results include things like days without accident or injury, and processes include attending training and practicing safe behaviors. The most effective programs actually include both.

“Ultimately, you want behavior to change for the better and people to develop an attitude that they will not put themselves at risk while performing their work.” – Johnny Horton

If you want to get those kinds of results, you need to keep people up to date on the best ways reduce risk and create a safer workplace. Host regular training events and reward employees for not just attending, but actively participating in the event. When the training pays off and your employees do achieve a major safety milestone, celebrate it! (Congratulate yourself too. It means your program is working.)

#3: A clear and consistent message.

We talked to another safety program expert, Account Executive Mickey Megginson, and he told us that a program’s success hinges on good communication. Everyone from your CEO to the guy  on the production line should be able to articulate your safety message in just a few short words. We offer big, colorful posters that can be posted throughout the workplace to keep safety at front of mind throughout the work day. (Click here for a case study from one of our clients.)successful safety recognition program If you’ve got a specific slogan or theme, we also recommend including it on items such as t-shirts, caps, polos or any other promotional item you might give away as part of your program.

#4: Meaningful awards and recognition.

Promotional products can and do play an important role when it’s time to honor employees for practicing safe behaviors or achieving a big safety goal.

“EVERYONE loves to be recognized.”  – Mickey Megginson

Some of the most popular promo items for safety recognition programs include apparel (think hats, t-shirts, polos and jackets) and lifestyle items (everything from coolers to electronics…pretty much anything you can use outside of the workplace.) We can even create a mini-catalog which allows employees to choose a reward from a few select items.

Let us be part of YOUR safety team.

For over 15 years, we’ve partnered with companies in both the public and private sector to reach their safety goals. We’d love to work with you to meet your program goals and increase workplace safety. Contact us for more information today!

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