How to Use Promotional Products to Recruit Employees

How to use promotional products for recruiting employees

If you’re looking for creative ideas for recruiting employees, we’re here to help. In light of today’s economy and job market, it’s more important than ever to make a good impression on job candidates. In this post, we’ll walk you step by step through the recruiting process, from career fairs all the way to onboarding new hires.

Step 1: Make your booth setup stand out.

Career fairs offer an excellent opportunity to attract new talent. A good table setup draws people to your booth, helping you stand out from other employers and creating a clear vision of what it is like to work for your company. Signage, business cards, pamphlets, and giveaways all play a part in how your company is viewed by potential employees. 

Convertible table cloth

6’/8′ Convertible Table Cloth

When attending career fairs you may not always have the same table size. Make sure your team is always prepared with a convertible tablecloth.

Mini retractable banner

Mini Retractable Banner

Use tabletop banners to easily display QR codes for job postings or other important information to your potential employees.

Straight wall kit

8’W x 90″H EuroFit Straight Wall Kit

Stand out from the other companies with a unique backdrop. Use this space to give a clear idea of who your company is.

business card

Business Cards

Make sure your team takes plenty of business cards with them when attending career fairs. This will give your candidates an easy way to contact your recruiters.

Step 2: Identify your ideal candidate & select giveaways that appeal to that demographic.

Where is your event hosted? Are you recruiting college students, tech school students, field employees, or office employees? Job fairs tend to bring in a wide variety of people looking for all sorts of different jobs. This is why it’s important to be strategic with your giveaways and make it clear what your company does.

We have seen great success with many employers selecting one to two universally appealing signature giveaways, then giving the recruiters freedom to pick items that cater to a more specific audience. This helps with your overall brand identity and leads candidates into your recruiting funnel.

stress toy for recruiting employees

Themed Stress Reliever

We offer a wide variety of shapes and colors of stress relievers to fit any industry. We recently sold this bulldozer stress reliever as a recruiting giveaway for a construction company. This gives a quick glimpse of the company’s main function.

Planter kit for recruiting employees

Planter Kit

Planter kits can work for a variety of industries including agriculture, banking, finance and more. This is a fun take on Gen z’s obsession with plants. With 15 plant options to choose from you can match the plant to your branding by using phrases such as “Spice Up Your Career ” or “grow your career”.

Step 3: Leverage promotional products during the application and interview process.

Incentivizing candidates to apply with a giveaway will make your company stand out while making your candidate feel special from the start of the process. Consider sending a small gift to highly desirable candidates after their first interview. This can help encourage them to come back for a second interview. You could also have a different gift if you would like to have candidates apply on the spot at the booth.

branded company cap

Branded Cap

A cap makes a great incentive for construction, service industries & field employees.

phone stand

Phone Stand

Send this phone stand to your candidate if they are interviewing for a hybrid or remote job.

Journal with tip-in page for recruiting employees

Journal w/Tip-In Page

A custom tip-in page allows you to include company history, values, or benefits of the job.

Himalayan tumbler

Himalayan Tumbler

Drinkware makes a great gift for a broader audience.

Step 4: Onboard your new employee with a custom new hire kit.

The onboarding process includes training, introducing, and introduction to company culture. Starting your employee with the resources they need to be successful will make all the difference in onboarding time. We are able to provide onboarding kitstraining padfoliosuniforms, and more to create a smooth transition into their new role.

Check out this blog post for a detailed look at creating your own custom onboarding kit.

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