4 Product Demos You Have to See to Believe

In the marketing world, every product makes claims about quality and what it can do for you. We love putting products to the test! (Remember the time that we tested a bunch of tumblers and coolers?) We pulled together four of our favorite extreme product demos from retail brands that you know and trust. Sometimes, you really have to see it to believe it.

#1: Carhartt Jacket

The Carhartt  brand is known for making tough, durable products that last. In the video below, Carhartt demonstrated exactly HOW tough under some pretty extreme conditions. Carhartt’s Duck Traditional Coat features a quilted lining with extra insulation. This jacket will keep you seriously warm during long cold work days!  The jacket is water-repellent, wind-resistant and contains six pockets to help keep all your tools handy. If a jacket can withstand a snowmobile running over it, it should be able to stand up to whatever you need it to do.Carhartt brown jacket  

#2: Otterbox Venture Coolers

We can now co-brand the Otterbox retail brand with your company’s logo. Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why isn’t my cooler bear resistant?” Don’t worry, we haven’t either…until we saw this video. Next time you go camping, Otterbox has you covered. Otterbox put the Venture Cooler to the test against an actual bear. Spoiler alert: Otterbox wins! Watch the video to see it all happen. In addition to being bear-resistant, the Venture Cooler can keep ice for up to 14 days. The slanted interior bottom and the dry storage tray make it easy to keep things organized and easy to find. The 45-quart version holds up to 25 cans or 52 lbs of ice. Venture Cooler Product Demonstration  

#3: The Li’l Sucker

The Li’l Sucker is a no-spill vacuum drink holder and this handy gadget seems to defy gravity in parts of the video. As you can see from the video, the Li’l Sucker will keep your drink safe! lil sucker

#4: Columbia Rainwear

Columbia is known for high quality outerwear. In this video, a fire alarm tests those “waterproof” jacket claims. Columbia jackets, come in a variety of styles that work for any climate. Whether you need an insulated winter jacket, a windbreaker or a heavy-duty raincoat, Columbia is a brand you can count on! Columbia Jacket Example

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