Product Spotlight: Your Guide to Beach Towel Basics

product spotlight: your guide to beach towel basics

Selecting the right beach towel can seem overwhelming when there are so many choices. To help you pick the right towel for your brand, we put together a simple guide to help you sort through the technical jargon, and divided the options into three categories: budget, sublimated (i.e. full-color), and luxury/specialty towels.

Beach Towel Basics

Why should you choose a beach towel as your summer promotion?

According to Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) towels are kept for 10 to 15 years by the average person! This makes a beach towel a great investment of your promo dollars with the ROI continuing for many years.

How can I tell the quality/thickness of a beach towel?

Most manufacturers use pounds per dozen to describe the weight/thickness of a towel. (In product descriptions online, it usually looks like this: ____ lbs/doz.) Typically, the higher the lbs/doz equals a higher quality towel.

For example, a towel that weighs 20lbs/dozen feels thick, plush, and luxurious. Low-weight towels are between 8-9lbs/doz, mid-weight towels are between 10-12lbs/doz, and oversized/luxury towels run between 14-30lbs/doz.

What are the different materials/types of towels?

The three main materials used to describe towels are loop terry, terry velour, and microfiber velour. Different materials allow for different decoration techniques, so keep this in mind if you want to screen print, embroider, or go full-color.

Loop terry is the classic, go-to material for traditional towels. This material works well for less detailed art.

Terry velour features a softer, sheared-down version of loop terry, which provides a higher quality image when decorated. This works well if you have finer details in your logo that might not print as well on loop terry.

Microfiber velour has a less dense surface and soft velvety finish, making it a great option for full-color, dye-sublimated decoration.

Budget-Friendly Towels 

Budget-friendly doesn’t mean you need to miss out on quality. Clients love these budget-friendly towels that provide optimal branding with a high-quality feel.

Microfiber Cabana Beach Towel

Get the cabana look without the cabana price tag. This towel offers several color options to match your brand and a good-sized imprint area. The imprint goes on the white stripe of the towel, and embroidery can really elevate the perceived value.

microfiber cabana beach towel

Velour Beach Towel

If you are looking for a large imprint area, the best budget option is this velour beach towel. It’s decorated with tone-on-tone screenprinting on one side of the towel.

Velour tone-on-tone beach towel

Sublimated Towels

A fully sublimated towel is generally made with a microfiber material to provide the highest quality print.

Sublimated Quick Dry Sand Proof Towel

This towel is made from quick-dry and sand-resistant microfiber polyester material. This is great for kids who are in and out of the water all day. Throw this towel in your bag at the end of the day without any worries about getting your other items wet and sandy.

full sublimated quick dry and sand proof beach towel

Round Full Sublimated Velour Towel

This towel fits into both the sublimated and high-end category weighing in at 18lbs/doz. This is a unique gift that will quickly become a favorite.

Luxury/Specialty Towels 

All of these towels have that lush soft feeling that will make you feel like you are staying at a beach resort.  

Kangaroo Hidden Pocket Towel

Keep your personal items protected and away from the water and sand with the hidden pocket towel. In the corner of the towel, there is a hidden zipper pocket lined with water-resistant material. It’s big enough to hold your phone, keys, and other essentials.

promotional towel
zipper pocket towel

Velour Cabana Beach Towel

The hefty weight of this towel will keep it on the sand even on the windiest of days. The velour cabana beach towel offers a classic cabana towel with a high-quality look and feel. This makes a great employee gift during the summer!

Velour oversized cabana beach towels

Don’t forget to add beach bags!

Nothing feels better than finding that perfect beach bag. It needs to be big enough to fit all of your beach essentials while also being easy to cleanout. We have saved you the hours of searching and listed our top two beach bags.

Large Mesh Tote Bag

You can fit all your essentials and more in this oversized mesh bag. It has an outside pocket for small items like your phone and keys and a bigger compartment for your towel and all of your other beach favorites. The mesh material makes it easy to clean out the sand and crumbs from your snacks.

Mesh tote beach bag

Land & Sea Bag 

The land and sea bag offers a place for your wet and dry beach essentials. The inside material is a dry bag material and the outside is a black mesh. Although the front mesh overlays the logo, full-color decoration will make your logo pop! 

land and sea water resistant beach backpack.

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