Promotional Flashlights: Which One is Right for You?

“You can never offend someone with an umbrella or a flashlight.” We hear this all the time from one of our favorite vendor reps, and it’s true. (Think about it. Do you actually know anyone who DOESN’T appreciate a good quality flashlight?) We see clients using promotional flashlights for everything from trade shows to safety programs, so we pulled together some of our favorites to keep in mind for your next promotion or event!

#1: Keychain Flashlights.

Looking for something genuinely useful to give away at tradeshows or events? Keychain flashlights fit the bill, and come in a variety of shapes, colors and styles. (Some even feature extras like a bottle opener.) promotional flashlights

#2: Pocket Flashlights.

Pocket flashlights offer a step up from keychain flashlights, but can still be really affordable. If you have a $5-10 budget, you can snag some extra features, like a flashlight that clips onto your pocket or shirt to offer hands-free light while you work. You can also find some great pocket-size flashlights with built-in screwdrivers and other toolsLED promotional flashlight

#3: Roadside Safety Flashlights.

Roadside safety flashlights remain a staple in our safety recognition programs. A magnetic bottom allows you to attach the flashlight to your car or other metal surfaces. We offer a variety of different options, including a mini version, full size version, and flashlights that can even break the windshield in case of emergency. (For more ideas on roadside safety, check out this post.)roadside safety light

#4: Ultra Bright Flashlights.

We measure the brightness of a flashlight in something called lumens. For routine household use, 30 lumens will do just fine. However, super bright flashlights can run anywhere from 90 to 1300 lumens, and offer maximum visibility at long distances. (This one is a customer favorite.) Super bright flashlights make excellent safety or employee recognition gifts.nighteye dual output promotional flashlight

#5: Lanterns.

Although lanterns aren’t technically a flashlight, we still group them together. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen more and more flashlight manufacturers adding lanterns to the mix. You can get inexpensive ones to use as small giveaways and leave behinds, or upgrade to a more rugged version for holiday, safety and employee recognition gifts.High Sierra Camping Lantern

Which flashlight works best for you and your company?

If you’re still not sure, we’re happy to help! Contact us today and we’ll connect you with someone from our sales team who can walk you through every step of the process.

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