Promotional Products for Your New Business

If you’re starting a new business, you want to build brand recognition quickly without breaking the bank. While you don’t need to invest in a huge stash of promo products upfront, there are a few items that we highly recommend for startups. Promotional products for your new business should include essentials like business cards, office supplies, uniforms, and simple customer giveaways.

Business Cards 

When starting a new business, getting your name and information out there can be the most challenging part. Business cards offer a budget-friendly and easy way to share your company logo and information. We recommend starting out with 1,000 so you don’t feel limited when handing them out. Make sure to get business cards in a new employee’s hands ASAP.

Want to get creative? Go with a business card magnet! Getting your info on the fridge, filing cabinet, etc. keeps your brand front and center.

business card

business cards - promotional products for your new business

Office Supplies

Whether your team will be working in an office, at a restaurant, or from home, office supplies are must-have promotional products for your new business. Pens, notebooks, sticky notes, and stickers are all small items that are easy for your team to hand out or use for themselves. Give these items away at community events and trade shows to help raise awareness of your new business.

sticky notes with company information and logo
g2 pilot pen branded with your logo
branded stickers promotional products for your new business
journal notebook

Leave Behind Gifts 

Use leave-behind gifts with clients, suppliers, or even when interviewing a new potential employee. These gifts are meant to leave a lasting impression and help make you more memorable in the long run. Leave behind gifts need to feel relevant to your business. Our account executives can help you pick out a promotional product that is the right fit for your company.

Example: If your company installs or repairs heating and cooling systems, give your customers a small cooler bag when you replace an AC system, or a cozy blanket when replacing a furnace in the cooler months. These gifts will make your customers feel special and make them think of you again when it comes time for their next tune-up.  

Cooler bag
fleece blanket with embroidery

Employee Uniforms

Formal and informal uniforms are an important part of looking professional when presenting your business. They are a quick way to identify your team members if you are going into people’s homes or businesses. There are several types of uniforms so figuring out what works for your business is key. We offer a range of t-shirts, polos, safety, and so much more. We can brand it all for you.  

uniform polo promotional products for your new business
Gildan t-shirt
Safety vest - safety promotional products for your new business

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