Top Picks for Safety Workwear

Gone are the days of sacrificing style and comfort for safety’s sake. Perhaps a high visibility safety vest will never grace the pages of a fashion magazine, but top suppliers are definitely taking cues from retail trends as they develop new products. Our sales team recently headed to Georgia to check out the latest offerings from ERB Safety/Fame Fabric. JDA has offered safety recognition programs for over 20 years so it was only natural that we partner with ERB to expand our services with the addition of ANSI-approved safety vests, high visibility jackets and other safety-related items for our clients. ERBCollageWe met with President/CEO Sheila Eads and Regional Sales Manager Dean Jones, who invited our team to try out some of their new items. Dean also educated our team on the basics of ANSI classifications and how that impacts what products work best for you and your business. We  explored ERB’s new 25,000 square foot facility, which houses everything from custom mold creation and hard hat production to decoration for a full line of wearables and accessories. At the end of the day, our team had a great time and came back with fresh ideas and a better understanding of the safety solutions that we can provide for your business. We compared notes and present to you our top picks for safety workwear.


  • Class 3 High Visibility Vests: Basic as it may seem, this high quality vest is still our bestseller. In just 18 months, JDA Account Executive Sam Hodulich worked with two clients in the construction industry to provide over 10,000 vests which are worn daily on the job site.

  • New Hire Kits: ERB offers an assortment of pre-made kits perfect for temporary labor, carpenters and plumbers. Kits can include helmet, eye protection, ear plugs, work gloves and safety vests. Don’t see a pre-made kit that suits your needs? No worries. We can create a custom kit for you.
  • Bomber Jacket: It’s easy to see why this is a customer favorite. The 3-in-1 waterproof jacket features a removable fleece liner, detachable hood and plenty of pockets. JDA Account Executive Johnny Horton sold over 250 of these jackets to a steam plant last year for contractors to wear during the cold winter months.
  • woman safety vestFeminine Apparel and Accessories: The new Girl Power line offers an array of products tailored to better fit Harga women, from pink hard hats and gloves to tortoise shell safety glasses and pink safety vests. The women in our group all chimed in with enthusiasm for the pink detail and feminine tailoring of the items in this line. ERB has a clever motto for this line: “Pink can be cute tough!” We agree. You’ll definitely want to keep this in mind as an option for the women in your workforce.
  • Safety Eye ProtectionStylish Eye Protection: The ladies are not the only ones enjoying a infusion of fashion into their product designs. With 29 different eyewear styles, you’re bound to find something to fit your needs. We really like the sporty look of these Octane eyeglasses which come in several trendy colors and patterns. Camo, anyone?
  • Bump CapCreate-a-Cap: For the automotive and service industry, this DIY bump cap is genius. Simply insert the hard shell into any six panel cap, and you’ve got protection from minor bumps and scratches.  If your workspace doesn’t require a helmet, this is a great, inexpensive way to add  another layer of safety.

Although JDA has provided safety recognition programs for over 20 years, we’re excited to offer yet another level of service with a fantastic line of safety apparel and accessories.  Need help choosing the right safety gear? Contact us at  

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