4 Tips for Using Promo Products at Virtual Trade Shows

Virtual trade shows continue to be a safe and effective way to connect with customers, employees, and other event attendees. Whether you’re hosting a virtual trade show or sponsoring a booth at an online event, we’re here to help you create strong engagement and boost your brand.

#1: Use promo products as a registration incentive for your virtual show.

Trade show attendees usually receive some event swag on the day of the event, and you can still make that happen by mailing out a promo box ahead of the event. Limiting the giveaway to a certain number of registrants can entice people to sign up as early as possible, and also help you stay within your budget. Pro Tip: T-shirts make a great registration gift, and you can easily collect t-shirts sizes as part of your registration form. Some of our best-sellers include “virtual meeting kits” and notebooks/pens.

virtual trade shows kit
Complete with a custom mailer bag, this kit is ready to ship with a journal, pen, earbuds, and 3-in-1 charging cable/phone stand.
notepad and pen set
You can’t go wrong with a notebook and pen set!
On the go essentials
This kit includes a mesh bag, earbuds, car charger, 3-in-1 charging cables/phone stand, and a silicone phone wallet.

#2: Take advantage of co-branding to pay for your promo boxes.

Consider asking vendors who will be coming to your event to co-sponsor your promo boxes to keep costs down. This creates an opportunity for them to showcase new products or services and build some anticipation in advance. You can invite them to provide promo products to include in the box or refer them to a promotional partner like JDA to order items, especially for the event. If you’re doing an event t-shirt, we recommend printing the event logo on the front and featuring sponsor logos on the back. Pro Tip: Look for items with large imprint areas that allow you to feature more than one logo. Here are some great options that give you plenty of space for co-branding!

virtual trade shows
This soft, comfortable CVC tee will get lots of wear after the conference is over.
branded mousepad
Our clients love mousepads for the large, full-color imprint area!
shopper tote
Reusable grocery totes offer lots of space for multiple logos.

#3: Anyone who visits your virtual booth and provides their information gets entered into a prize drawing.

If you’re hosting a virtual booth, you can still do booth giveaways to boost engagement. One of the most effective ways to do that is with a premium prize drawing/giveaway. This tends to attract greater levels of interaction during the actual event as people get excited about the drawing. We’ve gotten great feedback on “bundle” giveaways that include multiple items, as well as big-ticket items like retail-branded coolers. Take a look at some of our most popular prizes.

virtual trade shows
This high-end bundle includes a weekender backpack, bluetooth speaker, power bank, and charging cables. The bag also looks fantastic with a laser-etched tone on tone logo on a black vegan leather patch.
welcome kit 3
The Welcome Kit includes a tech backpack, noise cancellation wireless headphones, a mobile power bank, and a Bluetooth speaker. This set also includes full-color logos on all items, and we can even do different logos on each item.
Coolers from retail brands like Otterbox and Pelican make great premium giveaways!

#4: Be sure to follow up with the people who connect with you at the event.

JDA’s Co-Owner, Gena Mueller, says “Never underestimate the power of a handwritten note.” Drop a handwritten note in the mail, along with a small promo item, as a thank you for visiting your booth. Pro Tip: Create a custom “Thank you for attending our show” graphic, and showcase it on your thank you cards and promo items. Here are a few items that are easy to include with your note.

virtual tradeshows
Microfiber cleaning cloths slip easily into an envelope along with a card.
Sometimes a little treat is all you need to make a nice impression!
credit card hand sanitizer
A flat hand sanitizer spray also mails easily too!

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