Work From Home Products for Everyone

In times when businesses are shifting the way they operate, it can be important to stay connected whether it be with your clients or employees. Here we feature some items that can assist you in staying in touch with those important to your business and perhaps even help them in their efforts to work from home and stay well.    

Sweet Treats

Sometimes, a little snack is all you need to brighten up your day.  These branded cookie and snack boxes can easily be sent to your client working from home to let them know you are thinking about them.  Additionally, they are the perfect way to give your remote employees a little bit of energy and encouragement. These goodies are completely custom – from snack options to the canister and box decoration – you decide what message you want to send. We’ve actually done a whole blog post about this. Click here to read more!  Wondering how you are going to get those all distributed? Don’t worry – we can handle that for you too! We all know how important washing your hands and staying sanitized is with the Covid-19 pandemic. Our suppliers are getting hand sanitizers in stock regularly every month. Why not get in line for the next shipment! Whether it is stocking up for your office or sending some to a client, everyone is in need of this item today. Last week, our retirement plan provider received a bag of about 50 branded hand sanitizers from one of his vendors – it meant so much to them that they sent us pictures.  

Hand Sanitizer Bottle

This item is only $1.59 each for 150 bottles of 1 oz of antibacterial hand sanitizer containing 62% ethyl alcohol. The imprint area is large enough for you to include a special message in addition to adding your logo. This product is unscented which will be appreciated by those who are sensitive to strong smells.      

Outdoor Essentials Kit

The Outdoor Essentials Kit  includes .33oz. pen sprays of after sun, insect bite relief, insect repellent, hand sanitizer and SPF30 sunscreen. For only $5.73 each for 100, buy these to gift people with a product that will carry them through the COVID-19 pandemic and into summer. Protection from germs, the sun and insects.  Useful now and later, there is plenty of stock available so contact us today to order!


Wipes are another option for sanitizing. Perfect for wiping down the light switches or doorknobs or even your hands before and after the grocery store. This item starts at $3.02 each for 400 packs.  Hand sanitizer wipes

Phone Soap 

Clean your phone, keys and other small gadgets with this UV box – may sound crazy but it works.  This item uses UV lights to sterilize germs. Just shut the lid and let the box sanitize your phone as you work on other things.  At a minimum every office should have one; we do! You can snag as few as 10 of these for $42.38 each. Phone Soap In addition to items that help you stay germ-free, here are some products that can help everyone as they adjust to working from home. 

Webcam Covers

Privacy is so important in this modern age. We’ve actually talked about webcam covers a few times before. If you haven’t already taken our advice and ordered these for your customers or employees now is a perfect time. Help your customers and employees protect their privacy as their work from home.  There are plenty of great webcam covers that we would recommend. Today, we’re recommending this one for both privacy and a little happiness!  The MopToppers Webcam Security Cover. – not only can it give you privacy but the “mop-top” can be used to dust your screen. It comes in lots of fun colors and starts at $1.18 each for 300.  webcam cover

Bluetooth Earbuds

These are a great accessory for people working at home when other people are around, not to mention a nice gift. They connect to your phone or Bluetooth enabled computers. Even when we return back to our offices for our work, people will be glad to have this useful gift. These are available for only $11.03 each for 100. 

Yoga Mat

When working from home, we have to make it a priority to move especially with our gyms closed. This yoga mat rolls up and fits into a convenient mesh carrying case with straps. Of course we would use it during our lunch break and before and after work hours. It comes in at $17.54 each for 25. yoga mats


Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you don’t need to focus on hydration. To keep things extra safe, spill-proof drinkware is the way to go. This 17 oz vacuum sealed tumbler is $18.29 each for 24. It’s sweat-free and powder coated. Stay hydrated and keep your technology safe all at the same time. If any of these items can benefit your business during this time, we can help you facilitate their distribution to your clients or employees. Contact us today! Check out these posts for other ideas: Wellness Promo Ideas All About Cookie Promos


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