Custom Product


With a corporate culture that values employees & encourages them to be great, Hendrick’s General Manager Joel Smith is always looking for unique ways to recognize great employees. Existing programs recognized those who did something exceptional even outside of Hendrick. He wanted something to regularly recognize when someone was being “remarkable” on the job.


Taking a page out of other successful well known businesses, Joel developed a recognition program utilizing a custom designed challenge coin. His managers are each given a coin to give to the employee in their department that has done something “remarkable” on the job that month. Employees with the coin get to spin a wheel for cash and prizes. The coin includes the Hendrick logo and colors as well as the saying “You Are Remarkable”. This was his original concept and the designs flowed from his vision.

We knew from the moment we first met with JDA that with their experience, attention to detail, and access to product and facilities they could handle all of our promotional and recognition items. The JDA team has a very quick turnaround along with very professional design. We consider JDA an absolute business partner to represent our World Class requirements. With JDA's vast customer base, they always manage to make us feel like we are their number one customer.

Joel Smith
General Manager