Retail Online Store

The Challenge

The Rick & Bubba Show is a nationally syndicated morning radio talk show that just celebrated their 20th year on the air. Over the years, the request for their branded merchandise has grown and they attempted to meet those needs from the studio with assistance from their team of interns. As merchandise collected and demand grew, Rick and Bubba were looking for a better way.

Our Solution

JDA Promo developed an online store for The Rick & Bubba Show that is linked to the show’s main website. By taking over all of the order processing, inventory, fulfillment and billing responsibilities, we freed up space and manpower at their studio and allowed them to focus on their show and core business. Now their store efforts are centered primarily on the marketing of the store which they do with their in-studio audiences as well as live on the air  during the show. With our reasonable inventory requirements, Rick & Bubba are always able to introduce new branded items to their store without a large additional investment. During their 20 year anniversary celebrations, the store capitalized on the occasion with fun products that were also available at event venues.

When we met with JDA we knew almost instantly that moving our store offsite to them was the right thing to do.  Since that move the relationship with JDA has been one of the best moves we have made as a company over the past decade.  Not only does our online store look more professional, it has become both more efficient and profitable.  We consider them an asset to our company and the line item reflects it every quarter.

Rick Burgess
President of Rick and Bubba Inc.