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No matter who the stakeholder is, your corporate reward programs can be fully customizable to meet your needs and goals. JDA Promo has been working with the private sector and municipalities for decades to create employee reward programs and safety incentive programs that benefit both the employee and employer. Your program may be as simple as birthday cookies being sent to employees’ homes or it may involve an online store where employees redeem gift certificates for company-branded merchandise. We can design a program to help you reach your goals.

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Reward Programs

Data overwhelmingly supports the importance of incentive and rewards programs. In today’s virtual world, everyone is looking for ways to connect with employees and customers. Unlike money or gift cards, promotional rewards have a multi-level impact by providing both recognition while promoting and marketing your brand at the same time. Consider using promotional products for initiatives like these. 

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Company Benefits: Company growth, employee morale, achieve goals, brand marketing.

Employee Benefits: Job satisfaction, employee prizes, appreciation, increased morale, and enthusiasm.

Our visual incentive program (VIP) serves to remind your team about your safe work protocols and helps motivate them to meet your safety standards. With recent statistics from OSHA and the CDC, along with rising insurance premiums, it is crucial that workplace safety stays at the forefront.

Types of Programs: Visual incentive program, 1-time distribution, drip distribution, timed distribution.

Program Stakeholders: Employees, customers, prospective customers, board members, Donors, branches, departments, independent contractors, and sponsors.

We can design a program to motivate your employees in a way that aligns with your vision. Our flexible structure allows you to choose how often you’d like to run it.

Our most popular VIP programs offer quarterly prizes that grow in value. To be eligible for the rewards, employees must achieve their targets every quarter, which will allow them to continue earning rewards throughout the year.

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