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Safety Recognition

Our experience with safety began over 15 years ago in the private sector as well as with municipalities.  We specialize in a VIP program (visual incentive program) that assists in keeping goals in mind and recognizing employee achievements.  Safety rules and regulations seem to be constantly changing. At JDA Promo, we want to assist your employee safety programs by providing safety promotional products to keep your employees motivated and safe in every way we can.

High Visibility Workwear

As part of our safety products, we carry an extensive line of safety workwear items.  We offer everything from high visibility vests and jackets, to hard hats, gloves, ear plugs and safety glasses.  Items are available to meet your ANSI requirements as well as your flame resistant (FR) needs.

Motivate Your Employees to Meet Your Safety Standards

JDA Promo’s safety recognition programs will help you target your areas of safety concern and remind and reward your team. Our visual incentive program (VIP) serves to remind your team about your safe work protocols and helps motivate them to meet your safety standards. With recent statistics from OSHA and the CDC, along with rising insurance premiums, it is crucial that workplace safety stays at the forefront.

Company Benefits:

  • Stay Regulation Compliant
  • Fewer Missed Days
  • Retain Profits
  • Lower Insurance Premiums

Employee Benefits:

  • Fewer Accidents
  • Recognition
  • Increased Awareness
  • Decreased Stress

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