Hot, New Tech Items for Your Next Promotion

What makes a good promo item? We think it’s a product that provides value to your target audience, will be used on a regular basis and has a good imprint area. These hot, new tech items fit that description. Check out some of the hot and trending tech promo items you should know about!

#1: Car Air Vent Phone Mounts

While there are a lot of options out there for car air vent phone mounts, this one is our favorite. We like it because it doesn’t block the entire air vent, you can see the imprint while using it and it’s durable and easy to use. This item starts at $8.30. Promo Tech Item Car Air Vent  

#2: Wireless Chargers

Wireless charging is just one of the latest innovations in tech to make its way to the promo industry. There are tons of options available. The stand up wireless charger provides a sleek and sophisticated giveaway at $17.90. hot new tech item stand up charger We also like this Budget Wireless Charging Pad. This item starts at only $8.69 and comes with a full-color, maximum imprint area. You can really get creative and come up with a fun design that represents your brand with this charger.

hot new tech promo item#3: USB-C Cables

With Apple making new products with USB C connectors, you will see more and more tech items with that option. The Multi-Adapter Cables Charger comes with  1 micro USB connector, 1 USB C connector, one duo 5-pin and a micro USB making it adaptable for many different technologies. As a bonus, you can get 50 for just $7.49 each. multi adapter charging cables

#4: Privacy Camera Covers

Privacy is becoming a big concern in the digital era. With webcam covers you can keep your private life, private. No need to worry about prying eyes. The Private Eyes Mini is a privacy lens cover for your phone. It also comes with an optional brandable custom card with instructions. Get 100 for $1.14 each and impress people with a giveaway that everyone will want to use. hot new tech item webcam cover We recently used this webcam cover as a giveaway for a tradeshow. Everyone loved the unique item. It comes in at $0.99 each for 250. People with webcams on their computers are sure to appreciate receiving this.

webcam coever #5: Power Bank and Wireless Speaker Combo

Power banks are a great tech item to give away as are wireless speakers. Why not combine the two for the ultimate tech item? For a VIP, the Fusion Power Bank and Wireless Speaker is a top of the line gift. It comes in black, white and gold. Charge your phone and listen to music on one device. People who travel will love this. It comes with a minimum of just 6 at $85.59. Power Bank/Wireless speaker combo

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