How to Choose Meaningful Retirement Gifts

How to choose meaningful retirement gifts

When an employee retires from your company, meaningful retirement gifts can be a great way to show appreciation for their years of service. We offer both branded and non-branded gifts in traditional and contemporary styles. We will put together a list of our favorite retirement gifts (with low minimum order quantities) to help you find the right match for your retiring employee. 

Traditional Retirement Gifts 

Traditional retirement gifts symbolize commitment and a lifetime of hard work. Some classic examples include watches, clocks, and awards, which generally represent time served with your company.


We offer a wide variety of watches in top of line brands for both men and women. We can help you find a watch that matches your employee’s personal style and fits your budget.

Chrono Watch

The Chrono line of watches offers a classic look with high-end finishes to match anyone’s style. Get ready for a retirement adventure with a scratch-resistant cover and water resistance up to 100m.

Swiss army leather divers watch

We offer a wide variety of mantel and wall-hanging clocks that can be enjoyed at home for years to come. For some styles, you can customize the pendulum, but for more subtle branding, you can add an engraved plate to the back.

Malia Wall Clock

The Malia wall clock is made from high-quality hardwoods and veneers. It features a classic look and can be engraved on the pendulum or customized with an engraved plate on the back.

Clock retirement recognition award

Plaques and crystal awards showcase the hard work and dedication an employee has put into your company. They provide a visible reminder of professional accomplishments and years of service.

Diamond Pillar Award

Optical crystal remains our most popular material for awards and recognition. This style comes in multiple sizes and features a diamond slant. The diamond pillar is decorated with deep etch for a clean look.

Diamond pillar retirement award

Reinventing the Retirement Gift

They say 60 is the new 40. If retirement is a time to enjoy your hobbies and family, why not give a gift to reflect that? The fun part about retirement gifts is that you can tailor them to the person. We can work closely with you to find a gift that fits individual hobbies and interests.

Outdoor Essential

If your retiree loves the great outdoors, set them up for good times with practical items that they can use outside!

Bench Cooler

Keep your drink cold and your seat comfortable with the bench cooler. It holds your food and drinks at optimal temperature for days making it you’re new go-to adventure cooler. Fill the cooler with their favorite beverage for that extra special touch.

customized bench cooler

Beach Chairs

The Bahama beach chair features a lightweight design with a back pocket, and backpack straps to easily carry anywhere. They will never have to overpay for beach chairs again!

Custom wooden and steel beach chair


We offer golf clubs, golf balls, wedges and so many more options for your favorite golfer.

Callaway HyperLite Bag

If your employee plans to spend his days walking the golf course, this bag is a great addition. Weighing in at only three pounds, it’s lightweight and loaded with great features. We also offer a wide variety of golf balls that pair perfectly with this gift.

Callaway Golf bag


The freedom to travel anywhere at any time is one of the best parts of retirement. If this is something your employee is looking forward to doing, gifting them with travel essentials could be the best gift for them.

Navigator Carry-On

Consider gifting a new set of luggage they can use when visiting the grandkids or taking the trip of a lifetime. Pair the luggage packing cubes and other luggage essentials to create a set.

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