National Nurses Week Appreciation Gift Ideas

National Nurses Week (May 6-12) offers a great opportunity to show some love to the amazing men and women who make up the fabric of our healthcare system. If you’d like to recognize the nurses at your practice or facility, we’ve got plenty of Nurses Week appreciation gift ideas to guide you!

#1: On the Job Essentials:

Don’t negate the power of simple things that nurses use every day, like pens and badge holders.  (Since they do a lot of writing, make sure you choose a quality pen that writes every time.) We found a couple of pens that work great for the healthcare industry, including this collection of antimicrobial pens that suppress the growth of bacteria. This colorful “nurse” pen comes complete with a stethoscope and microfiber “hair” which actually doubles as a screen cleaner for your phone or tablet. A backpack or tote also comes in handy for bringing personal items into work each day.

#2: Personal Care:

Nurses wash their hands a lot and spend long hours standing on their feet, so treat them to a little pampering with some hand lotion, body butter or a foot therapy set. (We even offer candles, bath salts and essential oils branded with your logo, too.) Oh, and to help your nurses take care of more than just their hands and feet, think about putting one of these germ-busting phone cleaners at your nursing stations or break room. (It turns out that your phone carries more bacteria than your toilet seat. Um, yeah. Just think about that for a second.) This device sanitizes multiple phones, tablets and other devices using UV-C light, leaving them virtually germ-free!

#3: Lunch Gear:

Regardless of what shift they’re working, nurses often bring their food from home.  A nice lunch tote, food container or gift set really comes in handy! (Trend alert: Now you can add your logo to high quality stainless steel food containers!)

#4: Fun Nurse-themed Items:

We found all kinds of items sporting the nurse’s signature uniform: scrubs. We’ve got sticky note pads, notebooks, and even cooler bags all made to look like scrubs. However, this stress reliever trumps them all:  We’re pretty sure that every nurse has felt frazzled at some point but kept on smiling any way!

#5: Sweet Treats:

From cookies to trail mix, most people enjoy a treat every now and again. These tins can be customized with your logo and filled with goodies that nurses can take home and share with their families, too.

#6: Leisure Items:

With summer just around the corner, don’t forget items that can be enjoyed outside of the work place. Beach chairs, beach towels, coolers, t-shirts, and drinkware make great gifts, too! Looking for more great ideas? Contact us for a custom quote today!

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