What’s Trending: RFID-blocking Giveaways

rfidblockinggiveawaysWith growing concern for cyber security, now is as good a time as any to jump onto the RFID-blocking bandwagon. In this post, we’ll break down the details, and share some of the best new RFID-blocking giveaways for every budget.

So what exactly is RFID-blocking technology?

RFID stands for radio frequency identification, and it’s usually embedded into a tiny chip that can identify and track unique items (even animals!) You might find it embedded in the chip in your debit/credit card. This little chip can make you susceptible to “electronic pickpocketing.” (If your card contains an RFID chip, thieves can use a “skimmer” to steal your credit/debit card info.) This year, we saw a surge of new products designed to protect your right to privacy. Although not every debit/credit card uses an RFID chip, a little peace of mind certainly never hurt anyone. Take a look at some of the best RFID-blocking giveaways we have seen so far.

RFID-Blocking Card Holders & Wallets:

This expandable aluminum card holder holds 6-8 credit cards or 10-15 business cards. (Bonus: Even if the end-user isn’t concerned about data transfer, this still makes a neat business card holder.)expandable card holder Looking for an inexpensive tradeshow giveaway? This phone wallet now features RFID-blocking technology. phone wallet

RFID-Blocking Wallets & Passport Cases:

We offer a lot of different RFID-blocking wallets and passport cases, but favorites include the Soft Touch and Forum collections. The Soft Touch business card wallet and passport case can be debossed with your logo, and start at around $3. For a more executive look, go with the Forum business card wallet (which has a thumb slide for your ID) or passport case.

business card walletRFID Data Blocker Card:

If you don’t want to deal with a special wallet or card holder, you can just stick this data blocker card in your wallet alongside your credit cards and it acts a a shield to protect against skimming. For an extra setup and run charge, you can even add a full color backer card. rfid giveaways

RFID-Blocking Backpacks:

A new backpack came on the scene this year, and you can also carry it as a briefcase. (We love that feature!) It includes super cushy straps, lots of great storage compartments, and you guessed it: an RFID-blocking compartment for stowing your wallet, passport and ID inside. It comes in heather gray (shown below) or black.rfid giveaways backpack For more on our favorite computer backpacks that feature RFID-blocking technology, head over to this blog post.

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