Travel-friendly promotional items for your next trip!

Planning a corporate retreat, incentive trip or other business event that involves travel? You’ll definitely want to include some travel-friendly promotional items to mark the big occasion. From personalized mementos to custom totes and towels, we can help you put together a custom gift bundle that any traveler will enjoy and use for years to come! When it comes to planning gifts for business travel, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

#1: Choose items that play on your destination.

Taking your top-earners on a tropical getaway? Go for a beach towel, over-sized tote, and sunglasses. (For more on towels, click here.) Don’t forget outdoor essentials like travel-sized sunscreen and lip balm (and insect repellent, depending on where you’re headed.)travel-friendly promotional items If you’re gathering your executive team for some annual planning and a little R&R at a nice golf resort, then consider a golf-themed gift set. We can bundle a new golf shirt (Be sure to get sizes in advance!) with a cap and commemorative ball marker/divot tool promotional items Of course, regardless of your destination, a themed t-shirt is always a hit! (If you need more ideas that are relevant to YOUR destination, let us know. We’d love to help.)

#2: Incorporate key values or themes.

If you’ve got a big idea that you’re trying to share with your team, be sure to include it in your promotional items for the trip. Make the most of your messaging with custom packaging or full color printing. (Seriously, you can add your full color images to almost anything these days…even energy drinks!)

travel-friendly promotional items
This gift set includes drinkware, a snack, and a custom gift box.
Include any relevant websites or social media links/hashtags in your artwork, too.  We love the idea of including your logo and event #hashtag on a dry erase board for use in fun photos throughout the trip!`

#3: Don’t forget the basics.

You can’t go wrong with items that are genuine, useful and universal in appeal.  Some of our most popular options include:

  • Tote bags (Check out these collapsible ones for bringing home souvenirs and travel goodies.)
  • TSA-friendly luggage and accessories (Think laptop bags, luggage tags, reusable quart size bag for carry-on bag.)
  • Notebook and pen (An absolute must if you’ve got any meetings or training planned. You can even personalize with individual names.)
    travel-friendly promotional bags
    With this carry-on bag, you don’t even have to remove your laptop!

Since everyone travels with at least one (if not two or three) mobile devices these days, tech gear can also make for great travel gifts. We recommend a mobile charger with at least enough juice to fully charge a cell phone, a microfiber bag to hold cords and gadgets, and a microfiber cleaning cloth that works for sunglasses and all your device screens.

travel-friendly promotional items
This travel tech kit includes everything you need to stay powered up on the go.
We’d love to help you plan some travel-friendly promotional items for your next trip or event! Contact us today for more information.

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