6 Creative Ways to Use Personalized Promo Gifts

If you really want to take your promo gifts to the next level, make it personal. We make it easy to add individual names, initials, team names or other personalized info alongside YOUR company logo. For as little as $1 extra, you can create a gift that’s as unique as the person receiving it! The JDA sales team brain stormed creative ways to use personalized promo gifts, and we pulled together six of the best ideas for you below.

#1: Service Awards:

For a traditional gift, most people add names and dates to a clock or award. However, there’s plenty of room to get creative, and you aren’t limited to using just names! If you routinely distribute gifts for years of service, consider stocking a “gift closet” with items personalized for each major milestone (such as 5 years, 10 years, 25 years, etc.) This can also apply to performance-related awards for sales or productivity, like Sales Person or Employee of the Month. (For links to some of our bestselling service awards, check out this post.)

#2: Safety Recognition:

Similar to service awards, you can choose to personalize with individual names OR important safety achievements within the company. Here’s a tip: If a particular location, department or facility hits a milestone, use the name of that location instead of individual names. For example, one of our clients uses a polo embroidered with the logo and location on the front of the shirt, and the safety milestone and date it was achieved goes on the sleeve. (Need ideas for safety gifts? We just shared our staff favorites in this post.)

#3: Onboarding:

Do your employees wear name badges? Our badge release programs allow you to pay up front for a set number of badges to be kept in storage until you need them. When you hire someone new, you just log on and place the order for a new name badge. We’ll add their name and ship out a personalized badge within a few short days at no additional cost to you! Another note on onboarding: If you want to personalize a welcome gift for each new hire, look for items that can be decorated with embroidery or thermo seal. These methods require little to no minimum order quantities, which is important if you only need to order one or two at a time. (Bags, apparel and select tech products often fall into this category.) Want to know if your business is ready for an onboarding program? Read this post.

#4: Corporate Outings/Events:

Planning a rewards trip for top producers or a thank you dinner for key players from a big account? Personalized gifts will really put the experience over the top. Real life examples: If you’re going anywhere near water, a dry bag with their name makes a GREAT gift. (These keep keys, cash and cell phones dry on the boat or the beach.) Need something that’s small and easy to transport? Think a nice pen or a pen/journal combo. (For more travel-friendly promo gifts for corporate outings, click here.)personalized promo gifts

#5: Golf Tournaments:

If you want to increase the number of early bird sign ups, offer a personalized gift to people who sign up by a certain date. (This will save you money in the long run as you’ll have a better idea of how many people to plan for at the event. Something like a personalized golf shoe bag or vacuum tumbler makes a great tournament gift! (Click her for more golf ideas.) For more great golf ideas, take a look at this post.) Bonus tip: You can also use small personalized gifts as incentives for early registration at conferences and other big events! shoe bag

#6: School/Team:

Schools and sports teams use personalized promo gifts in so many ways that go beyond a uniform. Why not include a personalized duffel bag and water bottle in every athlete’s spirit wear pack? Personalized drinkware also makes a great gift for teachers, coaches, booster club donors and team sponsors too!

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