Your Guide to Promotional BBQ Gift Sets & Grilling Accessories

Nothing says summer like a good old-fashioned backyard BBQ! Did you know that we offer a HUGE selection of promotional BBQ gift sets and grilling accessories to help you promote YOUR brand? You can actually put your logo on everything from portable grills to BBQ sauce, and we’re here to help you find the perfect promo item for your seasonal marketing. To help you get started, we put together a grilling gift guide with some of the best grill-related promo items on the market right now!

Your Guide to the Best Promotional BBQ Gift Sets & Grilling Accessories

#1: Portable Grills:

Although your customers and employees probably have a regular grill at home, a portable grill makes a great promotional gift or safety award. Portable grills come in handy for camping, trips to the beach or lake, and of course, tailgating during football season. You can even take your pick between charcoal and propane! Our top three picks for portable grills include the following:

Weekend Grill/Cooler Set

promotional BBQ sets

Vitronic Coleman Party PailColeman party pail

Portable Propane Grillportable propane grill

#2: BBQ Aprons:

These days you can find an apron for almost any budget. If you want to save a few bucks, stick to a basic two pocket butcher apron with a screenprinted logo like this one. (It also happens to be extra long which is great for taller folks. Or those of us who are prone to getting messy when we cook.)  Just keep in mind that pricing for screen printing hinges on quantity, # of colors in logo, etc. There’s also an apron designed for the ultimate beer and BBQ experience! It features a detachable bottle opener and an insulated pocket to keep your drink handy (and cold!) while you cook.

Grill master apron

#3: Grilling Accessories:

Whether you’re into gas or charcoal, brisket or grilled veggies…every grill owner needs a good seat of grilling tools. We definitely recommend the BBQ Ninja (Read this post for more on this staff pick!) but it’s just one of many great grilling tools you can brand with your company logo. Some of our favorites include grilling mitts, meat thermometers (these can get pretty high tech!) and sets of grilling utensils.

Grilling Mittgrilling mitts

Budget-friendly grilling toolbudget-friendly grilling tool

#4: BBQ Gift Sets:

Kit several items together to amp up the wow factor and increase the perceived value of your promo gift. We make it easy with pre-fab kits that are just waiting for your logo.

Grill N Style Apron 

Weber Tailgate Grilling Kit

This one doesn’t include a logo, but it makes a great safety recognition or employee anniversary gift!

#5: Food:

Yes, you can even put your logo on a bottle of BBQ sauce or an individual pack of spice rub. (These pillow packs of spice rubs make great inexpensive event giveaways!)

Grill Box Sauce Setpromotional bbq sets

Pillow Packs of Spice Rubs

Private Label BBQ Sauce

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