Bestselling Promo Products for Babies & Toddlers

If your business serves families with young children, there’s no better way to reach parents than with a thoughtful gift for their little one. Something simple, useful or just plain cute can go a long way toward building connections with parents! Here’s a look at some of our bestselling promo products for babies and toddlers.

Feeding Helpers:

  • Think baby feeding sets, like this Sure Stay Baby Feeding Set for under $5. The bowl even suctions to the surface of the high chair or table!
  • This 10 oz food storage container is perfect for packing dry cereal and other snacks in the diaper bag. (Bigger kids can even pack this one in their lunch bag.)
  • Durable and easy to clean silicone bibs might just be on the most useful promo products ever for babies and toddlers. We love the bright friendly colors and large imprint area. (This one is our favorite…it’s well-made and passed our own toddler test.)
  • Non-spill sippy cups can come in handy too.  This 5 oz one with easy grip handles is great for infants, and this flip and lock lid works well for toddlers.

Blankets and Burp Cloths:

  • Soft cuddly blankets work well for hospitals and birthing centers. If you’re looking for a higher end option, this minky soft blanket is definitely our top pick. For a more budget-friendly, opt for a fleece version with an embroidered logo. (Prices vary based on embroidery.)
  • When you’re looking for cost-effective baby promotions, don’t forget burp cloths! They work well for screenprinted logos and artwork.

Stuffed Animals:

  • From high end Chelsea teddy bears to mini mascots with company-branded tee shirts, plush animals are a great way to stir warm, fuzzy feelings about your business. (What’s not to like about something soft and snuggly?)
  • Technically, this one counts as both a blanket AND a plush, but it’s too cute to pass up. (This would make a great holiday gift for babies or toddlers!)

Diaper Bag Essentials:

  • It can be really helpful to have a lightweight bag for those moments when you don’t want to lug around a giant diaper bag. We’re big fans of pretty much any tote from RuMe, but the RuMe All works especially well as a diaper bag because of the side pocket (for holding sippy cups or bottles.) Bonus: You can toss the whole thing into the washing machine if necessary.
  • Toss diaper cream, spare pacifiers or other small valuables in this waterproof zippered pouch from RuMe. (You can also say goodbye to plastic baggies next time you pack toiletries for your carry-on bag at the airport. This one is TSA-approved.)
  • It never hurts to have an extra pacifier and some hand sanitizer on hand. This orthodontic-style pacifier is suitable for age 6-18 months. Hand sanitizers come in lots of shapes and sizes, but these travel canisters of sanitizer wipes are definitely convenient!

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