3 Tips for Using Promotional Hunting & Camping Items

With cooler weather and hunting season just around the corner, why not bring a little bit of the great outdoors into your branding with promotional hunting and camping items that your customers will love? img_2232 JDA did just that last week when we hosted our camo-themed Fall Product Showcase! Over 100 of our top clients got to check out all the latest promotional products in person, including some of the best new ideas for holiday gifts, employee incentives and more. Our entire sales team and our vendor reps rocked our camo gear for the show, and thanks to the generosity of our vendors, we were able to treat our customers to some fantastic giveaways.

Our sales team and vendor reps in all their camo glory.
Our sales team and vendor reps in all their camo glory.
Even if camo isn’t typically a part of your brand, chances are that you’ve got customers and clients who like to hunt or go camping. A thoughtful gift that caters to your customer’s interests can really help strengthen those customer relationships! Here are a few tips for working promotional hunting and camping items into your marketing strategy.

#1: Choose branded apparel that can be worn in layers and works with the weather in your area.

ldsc_1112A  tee shirt makes a great base layer, and a moisture-wicking one may cost a little more, but it’s worth it to keep you fresh and dry all day long.  (Here’s a link to the 3/4 sleeve tee that the ladies wore at our show!) Hooded sweatshirts make for a great mid-layer, and are especially popular in our area, where temperatures tend to be milder in the early part of hunting season. A good insulated jacket makes the perfect outer layer, protecting against harsh winds and bitter cold. (You may also want to think about a breathable jacket with a waterproof rating if you’re in an area that’s prone to rain.)

#2: Go for accessories that are genuinely useful.

Gifts like flashlights, coolers and high quality tumblers get great mileage for your brand because they can be used long after the hunting/camping trip is over.  Here’s a look at some of our favorites:

  • Our customers love this long-range, super bright dual output CREE flashlight. (You can seriously see almost 500 feet away with this one. Not exactly subtle, but when you need a high performance flash23921772light, this is it. There’s a similar version available in black, too.)
  • If you’re packing breakfast or lunch, we love these Arctix coolers that keep stuff cold for up to 24 hours, even in 100 degree weather. (I’ve used mine over and over again with frozen gel packs, and it actually works.) You can even bundle a cooler with a set of three stainless steel tumblers for a fantastic holiday gift or safety incentive!
  • Thanks to Yeti, it goes without saying that people expect a lot from their drinkware these days. (Check out our full review of Yeti-comparables here.) Whether you’re hunting, fish or camping, a good quality coffee tumbler is a must for chilly mornings. This two-in-one tumbler is one of the best new products we saw at our show. (By changing out the lids, it goes from 12 oz coffee tumbler to bottle/can cooler! Grab this one while you can because we expect this style to sell out quickly.

#3: Think safety.

  Whether you’re deer hunting or just enjoying a weekend camping trip with your family, safety is a big deal. Put your logo on items that promote safety and awareness, and you’ll get a better ROI. Some of the best ideas we’ve seen?

  • Everyone at our show got one of these hand-cranking emergency flashlights which work even without batteries.
  • Be prepared with an outdoor-specific first aid kit  like the red one below. It has all of the essentials for preventing and dealing with minor injuries, bug bites and even sunburn.
  • A high visibility cap like this one can really amp up personal safety. Look for other items that incorporate high vis orange into their design when you’re planning a hunting outing for your customers.
  • In case of a true emergency, we’ve got you covered. This 3-in-1 knife includes an impact hammer to break through glass, a seat belt cutter and a knife, plus a belt clip for keeping it handy.

  Need more ideas specific to your business? We’d love to help. Contact us for more info!

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