Staff Picks: Top 4 Budget-Friendly Pens

What’s worse than nails on a chalkboard? Well a lot of things but for this article, a pen that doesn’t write. Every company needs a good quality pen with your logo, and you can get a reliable one without spending a fortune. We pulled together some of our bestselling, budget-friendly pens to help you make the most of your marketing dollars.

#1: The Javalina Series.

With eight different styles in the Javalina collection, you get maximum versatility at a great price. You can snag these with a 1 color imprint for less than $0.55 each. One of our sales reps found a stash of these pens that were SEVEN YEARS OLD and they still write like a champ. For a strong, corporate look, go with the Javalina Executive; it’s one of our bestselling pens.budget-friendly pens

#2: The Super Glide Collection.

One of our top suppliers got tired of dealing with cheap pens that didn’t write well…so they created their own collection of pens with hybrid ink. What does that mean for you? A super smooth writing experience every time you use it. We love this series because they offer 17 different styles (all with hybrid ink) which makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your brand. Price ranges from as low as $0.32 to the $2 range. One of our favorite affordable plastic pens is the Harmony Pen (which comes in metallic colors.)harmony metallic pen

#3: The Alamo Series.

The Alamo series includes five budget-friendly pens in an assortment of styles, ranging from $0.42 to $0.82. What do we love most about the Alamo pens? You can customize the barrel color, clip color and even the clip shape. You can also get a gel pen for well under $1. With the Alamo Prime, you can create up to 72 different combinations, plus you get an extra large imprint area for your logo.

#4: Bic Clic Stic.

Everyone knows the iconic Bic brand, and they continue to provide some of the best pens in the business. You can’t go wrong with the classic Clic Stic, or any of the other eight variations that feature extras like full color, a stylus or a rubber grip. The original Clic Stic offers over 600 different color combinations and a break-resistant clip, so you really make it work for your brand. For as low as $0.57, you can cash in on the value of the Bic brand alongside your own.

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