Iconic Carhartt Brand Finds New Home in the Promo Products Industry

If I asked you to recommend a high quality work jacket, what’s the first brand that comes to mind? Did Carhartt register at the top of your list? People love the Carhartt brand, but until recently, it’s been notoriously difficult to purchase for the promo market. Issues with stock and delivery times often posed significant challenges, but that’s changing in 2019. This year, Carhartt named one of our biggest apparel suppliers as its exclusive industrial workwear distributor for our industry. This is GREAT news for our customers! It means we can now provide the brand you love along with the high level of service that you’ve come to expect from the JDA Promo team.

Why should I choose Carhartt for my company?

We think this video pretty much speaks for itself.

What You Need to Know:

  • Choose from 38 of Carhartt’s authentic industrial workwear styles, including t-shirts, work shirts, outerwear and headwear. You’ll still be able to special order a few other styles (upon request) through the end of 2019, but after that those items will only be available at retail.
  • Some styles won’t be in stock until spring, including soft shell jackets, sweatshirts, and performance t-shirts. (Many other styles are already available, though!)
  • You can expect deeper inventory and standard production time (10-15 working days.)
  • The Carhartt logo features prominently on all of their items, so ask your sales rep about the best place to add your logo. (For example, you might put your logo above the pocket on a shirt or jacket, or on the back or side of a cap.)

Learn the Carhartt Lingo:

  • Duck cloth: The heavyweight cotton canvas fabric that made the brand a household name
  • Carhartt Force: Fabrics with performance properties (wicks away sweat/moisture)
  • Rain Defender: Durable water repellant technology that causes rain to bead up and roll right off
  • Storm Defender: Breathable waterproof technology that should basically get you through a monsoon (We haven’t tested that theory, but next time you find yourself wearing a Carhartt jacket in a monsoon, we’d love to hear about it.)
  • Quilt-Lined: Warm lining that’s ideal for colder northern climates
  • Thermal –lined: Lighter and more flexible lining that’s great for warmer southern climates

Favorites from the Carhartt Collection:


T-shirts offer a cost-effective way to showcase your business logo alongside the Carhartt brand. (Although you can still expect to pay more for a Carhartt t-shirt than for say, a Gildan or Bella Canvas.) Carhartt pocket t-shirt


You probably recognize this signature style with the corduroy collar and pockets aplenty. Take note: This coat comes in tall sizes, too. Carhartt jacket If you need something lighter weight that’s designed for easy, flexible movement, one of these bomber-style active jackets might fit the bill. (Choose from quilted or thermal lining.)duck active jacket


Complete your uniform program with Carhartt pants and dungarees. The canvas, washed duck and loose fit denim pants allow for ease of movement and will last through lots of wash and wear.pants


The headwear collection includes beanies, caps and facemasks, but our favorite is this two in one beanie with a hidden face mask that you can pull down when you need it. (We’d put your logo on side or on the back of this one.)

Ready to place an order?

Contact us for more information today. Also, don’t forget to register for our upcoming Spring Product Showcase on March 6th at the Pelham Civic Complex. We can’t wait to see you there!

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