Your Guide to the Perfect Custom Baby Kit

We can all agree that an employee having a baby is a joyous occasion! Why not celebrate it!  Many companies send a fruit basket or flowers, but what if you could make it more personal with a custom baby kit? We work with our clients to create thoughtful baby gifts that are both practical AND personal. Baby Kits

How do I know if a baby kit is right for our company?

How many baby gifts do you send each year? If you’re sending 100 or more new baby gifts per year, a custom baby kit is probably a good investment for your company.

What should a baby kit include?

This kit needs to be special from the first moment it arrives on your employee’s doorstep. Think outside the typical shipping box, and consider special packaging for your custom baby kit. There are two options for making the box branded and unique. The first way is to put a custom decal on a stock white or printed box. If you really want to step up your gift-giving game, you can create a completely custom box that incorporates your company colors, logo, and artwork. (You can even print inside the lid of the box!) Custom Kitting Example After you’ve decided on your box, we recommend adding crinkle paper or tissue paper in a color that complements your brand to round out the special packaging.

Now that we’ve got the box established, what’s going in it?

We’ve put together a few different baby boxes for clients, and we offer a nice range of options that any new parent would be happy to receive and actually use! Here are some of the most popular items in our baby boxes.

Stuffed Animals:

Start off with something sweet in the box that will make the new parents go “aww.” We think these stuffed animals with a branded t-shirt are a great option. From the type of animal to the color of the shirt, there are several options. One is sure to fit your brand! New moms and dads won’t have to worry about these plush toys because they are safety rated for infants. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a teddy bear or sock monkey.


This edge to edge sublimated sherpa and mink blanket is a keepsake blanket the new parents will cherish forever, and is available with a matching bib, too. sherpa/mink baby blanket

Practical Items:

In addition to sentimental items that a family will cherish, we think it’s good to include some practical pieces, too. Take a look at some of our customer favorites.

Burp Cloth

custom baby kit

A silicone bib

silicone baby bib

Tervis sippy cup

tervis sippy cup To add that final personal touch, we suggest adding a welcome note or sticker inside the lid of the box to express your sentiments and congratulate the new family.

Other Tips:

  • Make sure you’re buying baby products from a reputable source. Safety ratings and standards matter when it comes to keeping your little ones safe. For this reason, we only work with suppliers who have the appropriate safety ratings.
  • If you don’t want to store and ship the kits yourself, then you might want to consider a fulfillment solution. Click here see if you’re a good fit for an online store with JDA. (However, if you’re only looking to ship baby gifts, an online store probably isn’t the right fit for you.)

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