Product Spotlight – Cookie Tins

It’s time for a product feature: Cookie tins!

Food gifts are not just for the holidays.  If you’re looking for a fresh way to treat your employees, customers and potential customers, we think these cookie tins are a great way to go.  They are a clever take on a traditional gift.  Baked fresh in Minnesota, these all-natural mini cookies come in a variety of flavors like chocolate chipoatmeal raisin, and key lime. (You can also get other fun fillers like trail mix or seasonal goodies, but chocolate chip is their bestseller.) These unique tins are branded with your design, and can be customized (including names!) for no additional cost. Don’t really have the time to get creative with packaging? No worries! Just send us your logo and how you plan to use these, and we’ll send you some design ideas! Now let’s dive into all the ways you can use this delicious idea.

#1: Birthday/Anniversary Programs:

Branded tins with your employees’ name on it are a great way to express your gratitude for your employees. You can even set up a special program where you pre-purchase a set amount of  tins, then send us a spreadsheet of names and birthdates. We’ll take care of the rest, and your folks get a sweet surprise on their special day! Birthday Cookie Tins  

#2: Client Appreciation Gifts:

Use these cookie tins to say thank you after a big meeting, after closing on a new home, or just to let them know you’re thinking about them and appreciate their business. thank you cookie tin

#3: Holiday Gifts:

Food remains the #1 choice for corporate gifts during the holiday season, and the custom packaging on these tins makes it a perfect gift. You can even drop ship the tubes directly to the customer by incorporating the shipping label into the design of the tin. (Who doesn’t love getting something fun in the mail?)

#4: Event Marketing:

Whether you are sponsoring, hosting or participating, these tins can be used in any stage of event marketing. They make yummy invitations, satisfying room drop gifts, tasty program schedules, or delicious post-event thank you gifts. Take advantage of the customization option, and everyone who receives this as a gift is sure to feel special when they see their name on the branded tin. event marketing

#5: Edible Calling Card:

While business cards are essential, sometimes they get overlooked or forgotten. For the right opportunity, these branded tins are a great way to leave your potential customers with a good taste in their mouths. This works really well for real estate professionals, car dealerships, sales teams, local businesses and more! business card ideas

#6: Drip Marketing:

Implementing a drip marketing campaign is a big undertaking. Stay front of mind with your clients, and take the stress off by shipping branded cookie tins throughout the year.drip marketing cookie tins

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Contact us today to get started. For more food gift ideas, check out some of our other blog posts. BBQ Promos Corporate Food Gifts  

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