Good, Better, Best: Promotional Umbrellas

Good, better, best, Promotional umbrellas

Looking for an easy promotion that anyone can use? Promotional umbrellas make a great giveaway. You don’t have to collect sizes, they have great ROI, and you can find one that fits any budget. Whether you are looking for a specific type or want to make the most of your marketing dollars, check out our good, better, best guide to umbrellas.

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Good ($15 and Under)

The Revolution Umbrella

This umbrella has a 42” arc with a polyester canopy and a matching sleeve, and a plastic handle. The revolution umbrella comes in six colors, and we recommend it for giveaways and community events.

the revolution umbrella

The Vogue Bubble Umbrella 

This trendy clear umbrella is available at a great price point and features a 48″ arc with a metal shaft and curved acrylic handle. You can also show off your brand with an extra large imprint area. Trendy styles like this one are best suited for millennial and Gen Z markets. Think technology, higher education, and job recruiting.

The vogue bubble umbrella

The Steal

For less than $11, you can snag a great quality umbrella and choose from 11 different colors. It has a 42″ arc with 3-section steel and fiberglass windproof construction. What makes this a steal? It includes the RainAlertz smartphone app which sends a notification to the user’s phone on days it’s supposed to rain so they never forget their umbrellas. For an additional charge, you can even customize the RainAlertz app with your company branding.

The steal promotional umbrella

Better ($15-$30)

Shedrain Windjammer Vented Auto Open & Close Compact 

The Shedrain Windjammer is the perfect umbrella for windy days. The vented top helps prevent the wind from inverting your umbrella while still keeping you dry. The auto open and close feature makes it easy to open and close quickly when getting into your car or going in and out of buildings. This is our top-pick mid-range umbrella that works for almost any market.

Shedrain windjammer vented auto open & close compact

The E-Z Fold Umbrella 

The E-Z fold umbrella has a 42” arc and utilizes a specialty film that enables the umbrella to hold its shapes so it folds up like a brand new umbrella every time. This umbrella also includes the RainAlertz app. The clean, crisp styling works well for corporate brands, who might consider giving this away as a client gift or for employee appreciation.

The E-Z Fold Umbrella

The Mulligan

This 64″ arc keeps you dry in 25 different colors. It has a fiberglass shaft, a solid wood handle, and a matching sleeve. It’s also constructed with a wind reflex frame for added durability in high winds making it ideal for golf tournaments, company outings, or fundraising events.

The mulligan umbrella

Best ($30+)

The Vortex Golf Umbrella

This is the last umbrella you will ever need to buy. It features an anti-inversion system with pressure-release vents, fiberglass shaft and ribs, and a thermoplastic rubber grip handle. That’s a fancy way of saying the wind won’t blow it inside out and it’s extremely durable. However, if the unthinkable happens, it’s covered by a lifetime warranty.

The Vortex Golf Umbrella

The Spotlight

An LED light at the top of the umbrella sets this style apart. It has a steel shaft, matching fiberglass ribs, and an ABS rubber matte black handle. Use this umbrella in your next safety program or for college students walking around campus.

The Rebel

If you need a commemorative item for donors, alumni, or anniversaries, the Rebel umbrella offers incredible customization at a great price. It’s also an inversion-style umbrella so that the custom imprint is still visible when the umbrella is closed.

The rebel promotional umbrella

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