Meet Our New Screenprinting Machine

At JDA Promo, we constantly look for ways to improve our services and customer experience. We recently invested in a new state-of-the-art Workhorse screenprinting machine which allows us to print up to six colors at a faster pace thanks to a number of new features.

Our new screenprinting machine

Our team loves working with this new machine! It increases our creative capacity and produces sharp, vibrant imprints. Key features of the machine include more automated functions that increase precision, production capabilities, and time frames. This pictured example of a recently completed project features five colors in the design on four different color t-shirts.

Final product of customer t-shirt using the new screenprinting machine

Because of the machine’s capabilities, we were able to use a special technique to burn the screens called simulated dots, which used just five colors to create this beautiful design. This technique impacts the way the ink is applied and uses half-tones. These images show the machine at work during the process.

Check out this close-up of the shirt to see the detailed printing.

Example of final product from our new screenprinting machine

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