How to Leverage Custom Promotional Kits for Your Business

How to leverage custom kits for your business

JDA Promo specializes in custom promotional kits that build meaningful connections to your brand. We work with you every step of the way, from design to delivery, to create a unique “unboxing” experience for your customers and employees.

So how can you leverage custom promotional kits for YOUR business or organization? Here are the top four ways our clients use custom kits.

1. Onboarding Kits

A good onboarding process introduces new hires to company culture and increases employee retention. Welcoming a new employee with an onboarding box is a great first step in your onboarding process. Onboarding kits can include things like branded merch, uniforms, training information, and gift cards to your online store.

Ameris Bank employee onboarding box

Once that new hire is part of the team, it’s important to recognize major milestones like work anniversaries, weddings, or a new baby. Custom promotional kits offer a convenient way to automate that recognition process.

Onin newborn baby kit

2. Customer Welcome Kits 

First impressions are important, so consider sending a custom welcome kit after onboarding a new client or completing your first project for them. Customer welcome kits could include branded swag, a thank you note or other marketing materials.

CASE STUDY: A multi-site preschool and daycare wanted to welcome newly enrolled students and their families. We helped them create a custom welcome kit packed with items they can bring to school every day. When a new child enrolls, their family receives a personalized welcome kit featuring a personalized tote bag, a cooler bag with a personalized name tag, a keepsake baby blanket, a welcome postcard, and a custom-shaped magnet and window cling.

New customer welcome kit

3. Customer Engagement Kits

Boost customer engagement with a custom kit that introduces new products/services or reminds them it’s time to reorder.

New product launches are a great time to use a customer engagement box. If you’re promoting a physical product, you could include actual product samples plus branded swag in a themed kit. To promote services or digital offerings, focus on promo items with a full-color imprint and lots of ad space. (Be sure to incorporate QR codes into your artwork so you can lead buyers back to online product demos or other key information.) For example, an HVAC company might send out a koozie or a cooler in the spring to remind customers to schedule routine maintenance before the summer heat kicks in.

coolie and cappy combo
lunch box

CASE STUDY: Back in 2021 when companies everywhere were struggling with supply chain issues because of COVID-19, we created a campaign to speak directly to our own customers’ concerns. We created a mailout that included custom scissors and a notecard with a clear message: “Never cutting quality. Never cutting corners. Always cutting time.” This campaign reminded customers about our commitment to quality and reasonable turnaround times, and even inspired several of them to launch a similar campaign for their own customers!

Scissor and post card mail out to customers

4. Custom Kits for Events, Campaigns and Appreciation

You can also use kits to promote an event, launch a promotional campaign, or show appreciation. Everyone loves gifts and putting them in fun packaging only makes it better. 

  • Company anniversaries are the perfect time to send out a box to your employees and top customers. Anniversary recognition kits celebrate the achievements these people have made possible for your business.
  • In the middle of a big long-term project? Sending out a thank you box to key stakeholders can also be a great way to boost morale.
  • Don’t forget the holidays are right around the corner! It’s never too early to plan your holiday gifts. It’s a great time to show general appreciation to both customers and employees.
Custom event box for the Alzheimer's Association
Custom box for the leadership development program

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