Social Distancing in the Workplace

Let’s talk about how to setup your workplace successfully for social distancing during the COVID19 outbreak. Here are some helpful products to help you with that transition. Hand-washing signage, floor spacing decals, and more. Whether you run an essential business and want to stress social distancing or you are anticipating the return of your teammates to work in the future and want to be proactive, we have some ideas to help. 

1: Social Distance Spacing Floor Decals

During your trips for essential supplies, you may have noticed floor stickers placed six feet apart instructing customers on social distancing. These are a great tool to visually remind people how far apart they should stand. These will also be great for other retail places when they are able to reopen.  They come in a variety of different sizes and shapes and prices.   One great option for floor decals are these 12” and 18” indoor surface grip circles. They are made to be easy to apply and remove. They work on on a variety of surfaces including carpet flooring. Get a pack of 6 of the 12” for $80 or the 18” for $99.00. Showdown Indoor Surface Grip Circles for Social Distancing   Another option are these vinyl floor decals that come as small as 12” x 12” and go all the way up to 36” x 36”. They are very customizable!  The 12” by 12” size is $10 each for a set of 5. The 30″ by 30″ sizes costs $50 for each set of 5.   If none of those shapes and sizes are right for you, then we can do a custom shape and size! These dots have a textured matte finish that provides slip resistance. The vinyl is easy to apply, reposition, and remove. mats for social distancing

2: Hand Washing Signage.

For essential businesses that are remaining open, these signs will help keep your employees and customers reminded about proper handwashing techniques. We think signage like this will remain useful and helpful for all of us moving forward and may even be required in order to reopen public spaces.  Handwashing seems to be one of the best weapons we currently have for wellness! employee wellness

3: Lanyards

These lanyards serve as a visual reminder to give people space. They’re great for delivery drivers and others who must interact with people while maintaining social distancing. Let us know if you want to order these and we’ll send you pricing. JDA Social Distance lanyardphoto

4: Hand Sanitizer Update

Hand sanitizer is a helpful way to stay clean and stop the spread of the coronavirus. Our vendors are restocking hand sanitizer regularly. Because of the high demand, you may have to wait a while for it so we suggest you go ahead and contact your sales rep today to get in line for the next available shipment! Here are a few ideas for you: This hand sanitizer spray pump has .34 ounces of hand sanitizer and comes in 8 colors. It starts at $1.06 for 250 pieces. Another option is the hand sanitizer we mentioned in our blog post on products that are good for working from home. It comes out to $2.98 for 150. Contact us today to get in line for the next order.   As we navigate this time, we want to help you make social distancing for wellness as easy and successful as possible. Please contact us today if we can help you in any way.

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