Think Pink! Breast Cancer Awareness Promo Products

Think Pink! Breast Cancer Awareness Promo Products Think Pink this October with promotional products to help raise awareness for breast cancer. Breast Cancer continues to be a health crisis for the US, with 1 in 8 women being diagnosed in their lifetime. Continuing to promote awareness and healthy living will get us closer to saving the lives of every person diagnosed. If your company is going pink in October, we put together some top items for fundraising and giveaways. 


A great way to raise awareness in your company is by supporting healthy habits. For the month of October have a competition on who can drink the most water and offer a health-related prize to everyone who participates. Measurement Water Bottle A measurement cup would pair perfectly with the water drinking competition. Give out these cups at the beginning of the competition to give your staff an easy way to keep up with how much water they are drinking.  Measurement water bottle Insulated Tumbler An insulated tumbler works great for the upcoming cold weather and works even better for cold beverages during the summer. This drinkware is a great option to show support year-round.

Pink insulated tumbler for breast cancer awareness Activewear

Being active is an important part of promoting health and wellness. The American Cancer Society guidelines for cancer prevention say that regular exercise can decrease your chances of several cancers, including breast cancer. Consider hosting a weekly workout class for your staff and give away workout headbands, rally towels, and yoga mats as a participation incentive. Workout Headband  A 5K race is one of the most popular ways of raising money for breast cancer research. To help fill those participant bags, a pink headband with the sponsors and a ribbon would be a great addition. Many will wear it during the race and for workouts to come, making it a great investment for your sponsors and a great tool for the participants. Workout headband for running Rally Towel  Use the rally towels as sweat towels or hand them out at a football game. Use these towels during your office workout or give them out at football games. Give out the sweat towels at the first game in October and ask people to bring the towel to every game they come to in October. Light up the crowd in pink!  Rally or workout towel Yoga Mats  Yoga is a great way of exercising for any age or activity level. Hold a yoga call in your office and giveaway yoga mats to all of your participants. Yoga help prevents many diseases that are common in office workers. Promoting health and wellness in your office will promote healthy living in your employees, and a better working environment. These yoga mats have plenty of color options, including pink!


Bags are a great way to relay a message to the public. Customize your bag to fit the messaging you are looking to convey. We have several options for themed bags or you can take a plain bag and customize it with your design.  Awareness Bag  The awareness bag can be used all year round. Take it grocery shopping or to the gym. It is a sturdy bag with plenty of room to hold all your stuff and plenty of room to add your logo to the bag. Fanny Pack

Jump into fashion trends by using fanny packs to convey your message.  Give your employees a functional piece that promotes breast cancer awareness.Top Picks on a Budget 

If you are looking for a giveaway item for the month of October, check out the two options below, you can also check out our old blog for our favorite cancer giveaways for under $5. Desk Top Garden  A unique option that represents how much awareness still needs to grow! It comes with your choice of wrap card, biodegradable seed paper, dirt block, and pot. You can place your logo alongside the “one in eight” messaging. Ribbon Lint Remover  Turn an everyday item into an item that will stick out for awareness. These are great to have around the office for your employee to use before client meetings or to keep in your car for a last-minute touch-up.  ribbon shaped lint remover

Raise awareness this October with Breast Cancer Awareness Themed promotional product. Contact us today to get started.

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