8 Gifts Every Nurse will Love for Nurses Day

National Nurses Day (the first day of National Nurses Week) is coming up on May 6th, making it the perfect time to find an amazing gift for the nurses in your life.  We offer plenty of options to show appreciation all week long! Here are some ideas to go above and beyond for all the nurses that have worked so hard this year.

Walking Enthusiast Kit

This wearable water bottle holder with a built-in-pedometer makes a great gift for every nurse. The adjustable strap and thoughtful designs make it comfortable to wear during long shifts and keep your water out of the way while making rounds. Considering how much time nurses spend on their feet,  having a water bottle attached at the hip can help promote healthy work habits.  Nurses DAy

Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

We all know doctor offices and hospitals are always cold. This full-zip fleece jacket will keep all of your nurses comfortable while still being able to show off their scrubs. Customize this fleece jacket with the company logo and with the nurse’s name, making it easy for the jacket to become a part of the uniform. This is a great year-round office jacket. Fleece jacket for nurses

Comfort Set

With the year nurses have had, all of them deserve a full-on spa day, but if that isn’t in your budget this set lets all of your nurses have an at-home spa day. It includes tea, bath salts, and essential oils. You are able to customize the scent of both the essential oil and the bath salts and add your company logo to the containers.  Nurses spend so many hours of the day taking care of others, this would be a perfect item to remind them to take care of themselves. 

relaxation kit with with bath salts and essential oils

Easy Grip Massage Ball

The easy-grip massage ball is easy to use, easy to carry around, and pairs perfectly with the Comfort Set. After standing for 12 hours, who doesn’t love a quick little massage?

Bamboo Chic Mug With Bamboo Lid

The Bamboo chic mug features a bamboo lid that can also be used as a coaster. The lid is perfect to keep the coffee or tea warm while nurses treat patients. This mug can showcase your company logo on the lid and on the mug. It even has enough room to add names.

ceramic mug with bamboo lid

Lunar Sweet Success Gourmet Cooler

Nothing says appreciation like food. This Lunar Sweet Success Gourmet Cooler comes packed with sweet and savory treats inside. This makes a great gift for day and night shift nurses so you don’t have to worry about food getting cold. Every nurse gets the opportunity for a delicious, fresh snack regardless of their break time.

cooler with sweet and savory snacks

Moderate Compression Socks

Compression socks offer another tool for your nurses that not only promotes healthy blood flow but also helps with inflammation and soreness. Happier feet and legs equal a happier nurse, both on the job and off the clock. Compression socks can be designed in so many different ways, and give you plenty of room for your logo!

Adult Coloring Book and Coloring Pencils

Adult coloring books have grown very popular over the last few years as a fun way for adults to unwind and feel like a kid again. This package includes both the coloring book and the colored pencils. Young and old can enjoy this product and we can drop your logo onto the front of the coloring book. 

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