10 Promotional Products for the Home

10 promotional products for your home

Keep your brand top of mind with 10 of our favorite promotional products for the home! Kitchen and lifestyle items make excellent gifts for employees and customers, especially if you’re in real estate, financial services, healthcare, or home-related service industries.

Canvas Apron

Take on any recipe with this canvas apron! You can screen print or embroider the logo on the bib for a great home gift.

8” Cast Iron 

Cast iron pans can become a legacy item that’s passed down from one generation to the next. Make your mark by adding your logo and gifting it to your employees or customers. Pair with care instructions for first-time cast iron users.

cast iron pan - promotional products for the home

Dishwasher Safe Bamboo Cutting Board 

Don’t worry about the clean-up with this dishwasher-safe bamboo cutting board. You get the high-end look of bamboo mixed with the clean-up convenience of a plastic cutting board. It also comes with a 5-year warranty!

dishwasher safe bamboo cutting board

Utensil Gift Set 

This utensil gift set is a great starter set for new homeowners or for your interns going back to college. Pair this utensil with a favorite recipe for an extra special touch!

starter utensil set - promotional products for the home

Bamboo Coaster Set

Great for your home or office, this bamboo coaster set offers a clean look to match anyone’s style. Laser engrave your logo on the top of each coaster for a high-end look.

set of 4 bamboo coaster set

Glass Jar Candle 

Candles continue to grow in popularity among younger buyers. This soy candle is made from food-grade wax and has a burn time of up to 65 hours!

Glass jar candle - promotional products for the home

Blanket Throw 

This stylish blanket comes in 8 different colors with your choice of embroidery or a leather patch for your logo. Mix and match colors so the blankets can match anyone’s home style.

Blanket throw for your home


The slippers of your dreams! Fully custom comfortable slippers made with sustainable and recyclable materials. These will be your new go-to house slippers.

house slippers

Toadfish Can Cooler

Between kids and animals, it’s inevitable that your drink will be knocked over at some point. The toadfish can cooler features a suction grip on the bottom to keep your drink in place on most surfaces.

Toadfish can koozie

Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charger

This stylish speaker provides a fun and useful gift for anywhere in your home. You can choose to laser engrave or screen print this item to match your branding.

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