Work and Vacation Travel Essentials for 2022

Work and vacation travel essentials for 2022

Now that people are traveling again, travel essentials can make a great summer promotion for your business! Gear up for summer travel with our favorite travel essentials, including accessories, luggage, and more.

We included both a budget and a luxury option for each item so that you can choose what makes the most sense for YOUR budget.

1. Choose easy-to-clean bags for your toiletries.

We’ve all been there. You arrive at your destination only to discover that shampoo has leaked all over everything in your toiletry bag. While it’s not necessarily always avoidable, you can reduce the hassle with easy-to-clean totes and toiletry bags.

Pro Tip: You can even kit one of these bags together with reef-friendly sunscreen, sunglasses, and lip balm for a great summer travel kit!

Budget-Friendly RuMe Quart Bag

Replace plastic zippered bags with a reusable, TSA-friendly quart-size bag that can be thrown in with your laundry to wash as needed. (Just air dry to keep that logo looking fresh!) At under $6, this is a great, high-quality gift that you can use over and over again.

RuMe Quart bag

Luxury Vegan Leather Cosmetic Bag

This cosmetic bag offers a high-end, retail look with full-color, all-over printing that makes your brand really pop. The easy-to-clean bag can be wiped down with a wet cloth. Starting at just under $10, this is still an affordable summer giveaway.

Vegan Leather cosmetic bag

2. Stay cozy and comfortable with lightweight travel blankets.

It can get chilly on board an airplane, but no one wants to carry around a massive blanket once you arrive at your destination. We offer great travel-friendly blankets that can easily be stored when they’re not in use.

Budget-Friendly Zippered Blanket

This lightweight blanket folds out to a generous 47″x 60″, but when folded, it fits into a 10″x 8″ zippered pouch. Just slip it into your carry-on bag for easy storage!

thin travel blanket

Luxury Plush Blanket with Luggage Pass-Through

The luxury option is a bit softer and thicker and it features a luggage pass-through to slip it right over the handles of your carry-on bag. It folds into itself for easy storage, and doubles as a travel pillow!

luggage pass-through travel blanket

3. Stay digitally connected with the right tech accessories. 

Whether you’re traveling for work or fun, it’s important to keep the right tech items on hand. We recommend giving these items to any of your team who travels for work.  From power banks to ac adaptors, we’ve got you covered.

Budget-Friendly Jolt Power Bank

If you are looking for a budget power bank, this option will hold one complete charge for your smartphone. (Then you’ll need to recharge your power bank.) There are six colors to choose from and the charger can be laser engraved or color printed.

jolt power bank

Luxury Mophie Power Bank

The Mohpie power bank can charge your phone up to three times with it’s 20,000 mAh battery. The front can be full-color decorated to give an amazing look to a high-end product.

Mophie power bank

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to charge your power bank before you leave for your trip. (What’s worse than 10% battery on your phone? Ten percent battery on your phone plus a power bank with no charge left. We get it — it’s happened to all of us.) 

Budget-Friendly Travel Adapter

The budget-friendly option comes in a convenient case and you can easily switch out the ends based on your location.  Both of these options offer sizable imprint areas and all the basic outlet converters.

travel adapter

Luxury SKROSS World Travel Adapter

This all-in-one set really is universal as it works in over 150 countries.! You just pop out whichever adapter you need and plug your item into the other side. There are no attachments to keep up with, as it’s like the Swiss Army knife of AC adapters.

SKROSS world travel adapter

4. Travel light with tech-friendly backpacks.

Traveling with work technology can be nerve-racking if your tech items don’t fit properly into your backpack. We have tested, used, loved and wrestled with so many backpacks. Here is a list of our favorite backpacks for road trips and plane rides.  

Budget Graphite Dome 15″ Computer Backpack

The budget backpack fits up to a 15″ computer in a padded compartment. The backpack has two other compartments to fit your other items and cords, and offers a massive imprint area which can be screenprinted (or embroidered if preferred.)

travel essential backpack

Luxury Elleven TSA 17″ Computer Backpack

This backpack is one of our customer and staff favorites. This backpack has the capacity to fit a 17-inch computer and comes with plenty of pockets to fit all of your cords and extra tech pieces. (The biggest challenge? Remembering what you put into each pocket!)

computer and other travel essential backpacks

5.  Pack smart for weekend getaways with weekender bags and luggage organizers.

For a carry-on or for a weekend trip, these two bags are reliable options.

Budget Sport Duffel

This duffel bag fits all the essentials for your after-work workout or for a quick weekend trip. It features a roomy main compartment plus two zippered side pockets, as well as carry handles and an adjustable shoulder strap.

budget sport duffel bag

Luxury Relaxed Travel Bag

If you are looking for a high-end weekend bag, this travel bag is made from cotton canvas and genuine leather detailing. If your employees do a lot of overnight traveling, providing a high-end tote to easily take with them will make their trips that much easier.

luxury relaxed travel essentials bag

Budget 3pcs Packing Cube

This set comes in a small, medium, and large packing cube to easily fit all of your clothes and shoes. Keep all your travel essentials organized in easy-to-use packing cubes.

packing cubes

Luxury Samsonite 4-in-1 Packing Cubes

Samsonite is a luggage brand favorite providing your employees with a high-end item. When not in use they easily stack inside of each other to store away. Plus, you can get a whole Samsonite set including luggage, toiletry bag, computer tote, and more!

samsonite packing cubes

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