4 Helpful Tools to Maximize Your Zoom Calls

4 helpful tools to maximize your zoom calls

Zoom calls became a part of everyone’s job description in 2020 and over the past two years, the use of video-based web calls continues to grow. Good sound, lighting, video and background can make or break the quality of your Zoom Calls, so we put together a list of our favorite brandable and affordable tools to maximize your setup.

1. Microphone – Communication is key.

Between bad wifi connections, computer microphones, and the ever-present “You’re muted!”, it can be a struggle to hear people on a Zoom call. Although we can’t fix your wifi, we can definitely help you with your audio issues! We’ve experimented with this in our team meetings, and using a high-quality microphone really cuts down on the number of questions and the need to repeat information.


The McMic is a professional-grade microphone that can easily be plugged into your computer. Trust us — everyone will hear you loud and clear on your next call. If you are looking for a full set, you can get the McStreamy which comes with the McMic, and a 10-inch ring light with a phone holder. We gifted the McStreamy to our sales team for Christmas and saw an instant difference in the quality of their zoom calls.

professional computer microphone

2. Lighting – Promote your company in the best light.

Lighting is another important component of a successful Zoom call. Although presenting a product over a zoom call will never be quite the same as seeing it in person, good lighting can help your customers get a much better view.

Mini Vanity Light

This mini vanity light can attach to your computer or phone and is small enough to throw in any bag. It has three settings to adjust to any type of lighting you need. It’s rechargeable and ready to go whenever you need it. The mini size is a great alternative to the standing ring lights like the one included in the McStreamy kit.

Ring light for phones or computers

3. Camera – Create a clear picture.

A lot of builder-grade, built-in webcams have low image resolutions and can make you look grainy during a Zoom call. Consider upgrading to a higher-quality USB webcam for a crisp, clear video resolution! (No one enjoys squinting to decipher what’s on their screen during your call.)

Webcam and Microphone

This is the webcam/microphone combo we use consistently for our own Zoom sales meetings. It offers a much better microphone and a wider view than our computers, making it perfect for when some staff is attending in person and the other half is on zoom.

high quality camera and microphone for zoom calls

4. Backdrop – Spice up your background.

Use a backdrop on your Zoom calls to create a professional-looking environment. Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean you want people to see into your home, especially if you’re working in an area that serves as more than just an office.

Using a backdrop offers greater privacy and promotes your business. Plus, you can use the signage once you are back in person for meetings and trade shows. We actually wrote a blog post with all our favorite back drops, the best logo apparel to wear on camera, and more. You can check it out here.

Eurofit Display Kit

The Eurofit is our favorite option for Zoom signage. It comes in a variety of sizes, breaks down into a small carrying case, and can be used in so many situations.

Eurofit zoom display

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