Products You Need for Your Weather Safety Kit

Products you need for your weather safety kit

Are you and your business prepared for a weather emergency? In the southeast, you have to prepare at different times of the year for tornados and hurricanes, and the occasional snowstorm. So to help you keep your team safe, we put together a list of our favorite weather safety kits and other must-haves to keep in your storm shelter or safe place.

Items to Keep in Your Storm Shelter or Safe Place

Everyone knows to keep basic items like non-perishable food and water, but do you have all the other important items needed in case of an emergency? Items like a safety whistle, hard hats, and power banks are a great start to your emergency kit. We can create a custom checklist for your company with items to keep on hand in your storm shelter.

Pair a weather safety checklist magnet with a custom weather safety kit or individual items for an easy and affordable promotion.

Build Your Own Weather Safety Kit  

The above items can be purchased separately or JDA Promo can kit together some of these items along with a custom checklist of additional items. We recommend keeping extra kits in your office to give out to employees when expecting severe weather.

Emergency Blanket

A blanket has multiple uses in an emergency situation. Use it as a blanket for warmth. Use it to signal for help or to provide a clean space to sit.

Emergency blanket


There are many flashlight options. Two of our favorites include the camping lantern for the amount of light it provides and a hand-crank flashlight so you do not need to worry about battery life.

Camping lantern for maximum lighting
Hand crank flashlight for power outages

First Aid Kit

Keep a first aid kit in your safe place so that you have at least the basics for first aid available if needed. Pro tip: Keep an extra bag with any of your prescribed medication to easily grab before going into your safe place.

First aid kit

Pre-Done Safety Kits 

Weather safety measures are important for your office and for your employees’ homes. Help them prepare for both by providing take-home safety kits. We have put together some great options for pre-made safety kits to hand out to your employees before severe weather alerts.

Silver Survival Kit 

The silver survival kit offers all the extra items you need in a compact water-resistant bag. Most of us do not keep a lot of these items laying around our house, so having a dedicated kit with all of these items will help you quickly prepare in the time of a disaster. All you need to do is add in water and your favorite non-perishable food. 

Silver survival kit

Deluxe Survival Kit 

The deluxe survival kit is a great option if power outages are likely as a result of your weather emergency. This kit comes stocked with several lighting options, hand warmers, and safety blankets along with a basic first aid kit. In tornado and hurricane-prone areas, power outages are a normal consequence, so being prepared with the essentials will make getting to your safe place a faster process.

Deluxe survival weather safety kit

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