8 Branded Products To Keep Your Desk Organized

8 Branded Products to keep your desk organized

Desktop products offer a creative way to build brand recognition and keep your desk organized. Whether your team is working at home or in the office, they can probably benefit from a few organizational tools. We asked our sales team and staff to send us their favorite desktop products, and here’s what they recommended.

Tech Accessories for Your Desk

Our desks are covered in cords making products that minimize that one of our staff favorites.

Cable Cord Holders 

We offer single and multi cord holders with either magnetic or tape backing. The versatility of this product makes it easy to organize your cords however you need. (We love the full-color imprint that’s included!) Our Account representative Jessica likes this item since it prevents her computer charger from falling behind her desk.


The Docksy is a 3-in-1 charging station with room to charge your smartwatch, headphones, and phone. It keeps all your cords tucked away. This accessory works well for your home or office. This is our account executive Kristie’s pick for desk organization. She said this is her go-to for trips, home, and office because this station makes it so easy to keep all your cords in one spot.

Docksy charging station

Paper Products

Even in the digital age, paper products aren’t going anywhere any time soon. By their very nature, they will continue to need to be replenished and remain a great giveaway.  

Office Buddy Cube 

The office buddy cube comes with sticky notes, sticky flags, and a pen holder. You can easily stack additional paper products to replenish once it runs out of the original product. This is one of account executive Mickey’s favorite desk items. 

Desk cube for desk organization
desk organizational cube with sticky notes, pen holder, and multi-colored markers

Hard Cover Sticky Flag Jotter Pad 

This jotter pad is our office favorite. It’s the perfect size for writing down notes from phone calls or reminders. It even has sticky flags tucked under the header. We recommend keeping a few of these on hand at the office to give out before meetings. 

Notepad that we use at the JDA promo office
notepad with organizational markers

Desk accessories 

Desk Accessory Tower 

Having a place for small items like push pins, paperclips, and binder clips is a big part of keeping your desk organized. It helps to find them when you actually need them and avoids cluttering up your desk drawers. Most of our office staff keep one on their desk.

Desk accessory tower in the JDA office
paper clips, push pins, and binder clips in a neat tower

Keeping your desk clean

Whether you’ve got smudges on your touch screen monitor or crumbs leftover from your morning snack, desktop cleanup is no problem with these handy tools.

Spray & Wipe 

The microfiber cloth attached to the spray bottle provides a convenient 2-in-1 screen cleaner. Our office runs through this stuff like crazy. Any time it is given out at an event we always make sure to grab extras.  

Desk size spray and wipe to clean phone and computer screens
Spray and wipe for cleaning screens

Mini Desk Vacuum 

Eating at your desk can get messy so easily. The mini desk vacuum is great for picking up dust and crumbs on your desk. (The mini desk vacuum makes a great addition to a “Welcome back to the office” kit.)

Mini desk vacuum for cleaning
Mini desk vacuum to help keep your desk organized

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