How a Distracted Driving Policy Can Protect Employees & Businesses

Did you know that drivers are four times as likely to crash while using a cell phone? The majority of Americans agree that distracted driving is a bad idea. However, at any given daylight moment across America, approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices.  If you’ve got employees behind the wheel, you need to consider a distracted driving policy to protect your employees and business.

Why do you need a distracted driving policy?

Take a few moments to watch this video from the National Security Council (NSC) about distracted driving and corporate liability. (You might be surprised at what happened to several companies who didn’t have such a policy in place.) Numerous studies show that hands-free devices don’t necessarily make you less distracted, either. Juries have awarded large settlements in cases where an employee used a hands-free device at the time of the accident. Liability also extends to employees in any of the following circumstances:

  • Driving a company vehicle.
  • Using a company-supplied phone.
  • Driving a personal vehicle on company business.
  • Using a personal phone for company business.
  • Driving on company property.

How can you implement a distracted driving policy?

Organizations like the NSC recommend a total cell phone ban when any of the above conditions exist. The NSC even offers a free distracted driving policy kit online. (We suggest that you review it alongside your legal, management and HR teams to make it your own.) Let’s face it, though. This might prove to be a hard sell with some of your employees who currently use their drive time to make client calls, conduct company business or just check in with family members while they’re on the road. That’s why we created a custom Distracted Driving Kit to help you promote your distracted driving policy.distracted driving policy

What’s in our Distracted Driving Kit?

Our custom kit includes a letter from your company, a copy of the actual policy, and a branded gift box and microfiber bag. The letter explains that the driver should “bag their phone” any time they are behind the wheel. This reduces the temptation to read a text, check social media or make a quick call while they’re on the road.

distracted driving policy
Each kit contains a microfiber pouch to “bag your phone” while driving.
Our clients told us that it’s important to get buy-in from both the employees AND their families. When you provide us with a spreadsheet of employee names and addresses, and we’ll mail the entire kit straight to their home so that their families can see the kit when it arrives.

Make it your own.

With Distracted Driving Awareness Month coming up in April, now’s the time to start working on your own campaign! We can easily customize the gift box and microfiber bag with your corporate colors and logo. You can provide your own letter or we can offer a template to help get you started. We want to keep both your business and your employees safe! Contact us today for more info or a custom quote.

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