Promo Products for Employee Onboarding & Retention

Promo Products for Employee & Onboarding Retention Hiring a new employee can be a lengthy and expensive process. Once you find the ideal candidate,  keeping them can be a challenge, too. Here at JDA Promo, we specialize in promotional solutions to support your employee onboarding and retention. Investing in a good onboarding process and continued support can reduce turnover and the cost associated with hiring replacements. Your company will be more cost-effective in the long run. You can put those turnover funds to better use for things like training, development, and employee appreciation. 

Onboarding Box for New Employees

Surprise your new team member with a custom printed box filled with branded products that convey your company values. Drinkware, apparel, and tech items make great gifts, but we can customize the items in the box to fit your needs. Include a printed welcome message that highlights your mission statement to create buy-in before your new hire even begins their first day of work. employee onboarding and retention

Involve Current Employees in the Hiring Process

Involve your current employees in the hiring and welcoming process. Get feedback from team members that your new hire will be working with once they onboard. What characteristics do they think are most important to look for in candidates? What training materials would be most helpful to a new teammate? Introduce new hires to the company with a structured training process, and you’ll set important standards for your current employees too. Our team at JDA Promo can kit together training materials for your employees that they will be able to reference for years to come. training for employee onboarding and retention

Continue Education and Development

Continuing education is an important part of keeping employees engaged and developing their talents. Find out what your employees are passionate about and identify their areas of interest for further training. You can also reward employees for reaching training goals by providing incentives. JDA can build a company store for you with a variety of branded products from t-shirts to polos, tote bags to high-end backpacks, and much more. Award your employees with gift certificates they can redeem for any of the products they love. Corporate Webstores

Ask for Feedback

Surveys offer a great opportunity to capture feedback from new and existing employees. Consider creating surveys for new team members to take at the 30, 60, and 90-day marks and have a quarterly survey for all employees. Incentivize employees to take surveys by offering small gifts in return for their insight such as journals, notepads, lip balm, and hand sanitizers. Set a group goal for 80%, 90%, or 100% survey participation for your staff to win bigger prizes.

Keep Your Work from Home Employees Engaged  

Do you have employees that work from home? To keep them connected, consider sending them office essentials gift boxes. Like our onboarding boxes, office essentials boxes are custom printed to showcase your brand story, and filled with useful promo products. Power banks, wireless chargers, and smartphone stands are hot items that your employees can use wherever they plug into work.

JDA Promo offers a variety of products and programs that celebrate your two biggest assets – your brand and your people. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your employee onboarding and retention efforts!

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