Made in the USA Promotional Products

Made in the USA promotional ProductsWhile the promo industry is known primarily for overseas manufacturing, our suppliers continue to bring more USA-made products to market. People recognize American-made products for their high-quality standards, but often think that USA-made equals higher prices. Although sometimes true, you may be surprised by the variety of affordable, made in the USA promotional products. 

Many American and overseas companies have struggled to keep up with demand since the beginning of the pandemic. Since at some point all countries shut down, staffing issues and material shortages have disrupted the supply chain across multiple industries. We continue to see extended production times and inventory issues, but with USA-made, you don’t have to have to wait for products to arrive from overseas.

Take a look at the list of our favorite promotional products and apparel that are made in the USA.

Budget-Friendly Items 

Here are our top budget-friendly, USA-made picks. 

Fine point fiber tip pens 

This pen is similar to the Paper Mate Flair pen but is more affordable and USA made. They offer several color options available for ink and pens to help match your brand standards.  

made in American colorful fine point pens

Washable Markers 

These washable markers work great for anyone who markets to kids and families. There won’t be any stress with kids using the markers and you won’t have to worry about throwing them out after one use.  A cool feature of this marker is if the marker cap is left off and the ink has begun to dry, the ink may be regenerated by dipping the marker tip in water. Washable markers for children

All Natural Lip Moisturizer 

Your employees and customers will love the high quality of this 100% beeswax lip balm. It comes in 100 different flavors and features a full-color label for your logo!Flavored and full color lip balm made in the usa

25 oz. Rian Water bottle

If you want a water bottle made in the USA, the 25 oz. Rian is a great option. The durability and sleek look of this water bottle will draw the attention of your customers. This water bottle comes in either black or white and you can print a sizable logo on the front of the bottle. 25 oz water bottle with 1 color imprint

USA-Made T-shirts 

Many of our favorite t-shirts are made in the USA or have USA-made versions. Some are even comparable in price to those produced overseas.  They are typically a higher quality than a basic giveaway t-shirt and therefore cost a little bit more.

Next Level Apparel USA Men’s Tri-Blend Crew 

Next Level Apparel makes shirts in the US and abroad.  The NL tri-blend is one of those options. The US version has fewer color options, but they do offer the most popular, basic colors. It is a great option if you are looking for a nice step up from a basic tee that is made in the USA. Next Level USA made Tri-Blend tee

Bella Canvas Unisex T-shirt 

Bella Canvas produces high-quality, sustainable soft t-shirts. Over the past two decades, Bella Canvas has implemented more of its production process into the U.S. Though most of the shirts are not completely USA made, all their shirts have several elements that are.  The unisex t-shirt is one of their first t-shirts to be 100% made in the U.S.Bella Canvas first usa tshirt American Apparel Jersey T-shirt 

The Jersey T-shirt by American Apparel is another great option for an American-made tee. American Apparel no longer makes all of their clothing in the US but continues to have a USA-made collection. They offer tons of great options from both the US and other countries.  American Apparel tee

High-End Items  

Otterbox Venture Cooler 

The Otterbox Venture Cooler makes a great option as an employee or client gift. This cooler is built to last, leaving a longer-lasting impression on your client. The venture cooler is 25 quarts and holds up to 14 cans, making it the perfect beach or lake cooler. It can keep ice for up to 10 days!  Otterbox Venture Cooler

Indoor and Outdoor Floor Mat 

The indoor and outdoor floor mat has a durable bi-level surface with a waffle pattern for scraping and traction, and it absorbs up to 1 1/2 gallons of water. You are able to place these mats anywhere since they can handle heavy traffic and almost any weather.  Indoor outdoor floor map

Wrapping paper 

Wrapping paper is a fun and creative way to show off your brand’s logo. Wrap your employee and customer gifts for that extra special touch. Customize your wrapping paper for different company events and holidays to make your brand stand out.  custom wrapping paper

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