How to Make the Most of Your Promotional Products Budget

As we continue to recover from the pandemic, many of us are looking to stretch our budgets to the max this year. We put together our best tips for making the most of your promotional products budget in 2022. 

Order early and plan ahead.

Ordering early can really help you stay within your budget. This will give you more choices in vendors and brands, avoid rush fees or overnight shipping, and give you peace of mind that your product will arrive in time. Unfortunately, we continue to see supply chain issues across the globe, but ordering early can prevent some of those issues. We recommend mapping out your promotional needs at the beginning of each year, including events, company or employee anniversaries, holidays, and special occasions. Use our downloadable pdf to help you brainstorm any upcoming needs for promotional products.

Order in bulk.

When you buy a higher quantity you can often get a greater discount. Instead of ordering per event, think about ordering everything once or twice a year. We recommend doing this with items like pens, notebooks, or other office essentials. This will give you peace of mind that you will have the products when you need them. If you plan on giving out the same item throughout the year, but don’t need it all at once, we can offer storage and fulfillment for a nominal, extra fee.

Be flexible in your product choices.

Inventory remains a challenge for some items, so being flexible about your product selection can be really helpful. We recommend choosing a backup style or color in case your first choice is unavailable. For example, the Next Level CVC is very comparable to the Bella Canvas CVC so you can easily swap one for another. One of the great benefits of working with JDA is that your account representative can use their expertise to find great in-stock solutions for you.

Consider going custom overseas.

Many items can be produced custom overseas for an affordable price, a more unique look, and quicker than other options. Some of our vendors provide quick turn overseas production in 65 days or less. From caps to socks to complete customer mailer kits, overseas production can be a great way to avoid inventory issues and create a signature giveaway!

You can see all these products and more at our Spring Product Showcase on March 3rd, 2022. Get more information and register here.

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