Patriotic Promotional Products for 4th of July

With the 4th of July holiday just a few weeks away, you might be looking for ways to add a little red, white and blue to your branding. Whether you’re hosting or sponsoring an event, patriotic promotional products add a fantastic flair to any 4th of July celebration. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re looking for branded patriotic giveaways.

#1: People love stuff that glows or lights up.

The 4th of July is basically synonymous with fireworks, so maximize your marketing potential with red, white and blue glow bracelets, necklaces and glow sticks. (You can even get a mini handheld fan that lights up when it’s turned on.) Click here for more glow in the dark items and items that light upglow in the dark necklace - branded

#2: Look for kid-friendly items.

Back to point #1, KIDS LOVE STUFF THAT GLOWS OR LIGHTS UP. My toddler had an absolute field day with this light up foam baton and these little finger lights. We’re talking HOURS of free entertainment that will endear you to moms and dads forever. (Or at least for the duration of your event.)kid-friendly patriotic promotional products Other fun items for kids include patriotic beach balls, and plush animals like this little Liberty Eagle (which sports a t-shirt with your logo, of course.)plush patriotic eagle with imprinted t-shirt

#3: Stock up on inexpensive giveaways for grown-ups too.

On a practical level, people can always use pens, keychain flashlights, and koozies. You can easily incorporate red, white and blue into those basic items or use a flag background for your logo. Magnetic picture frames are great because people can snag a photo with family or friends at the event and frame it later!Customized patriotic picture frame If you want something a little more festive, sunglasses and patriotic top hats make for great photo ops and selfies, too. (Encourage people to share their pictures on social media using your event hashtag to maximize your impact.) Oh, and don’t forget slap bracelets. Slap and wrap bracelets surged in popularity in the late 80’s, and you can actually still get them…with an American flag, no less! For a more modern spin, check out these full color slap and wrap can insulators. Yep. That’s right. It wraps around your beer or soda instead of your wrist. (Trust us. People will love it!)

#4: Make it easy to identify event staff, volunteers or groups.

Put all of your key people in matching t-shirts  or patriotic caps so that it’s easy to spot who’s who during the event. (Quick tip: If your crowd is going to turn up in red, white and blue, you might want to consider putting key security and event staff in something that’s highly visible, like safety green or orange.)Patriotic cap For larger events, you may also need lanyards with id badges as well. (Dye-sublimated lanyards will give you full color printing capability, so you can include a flag or patriotic background.) We can even personalize your badges if needed!

Let’s chat about bringing some red, white and blue to your branding this year!

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