What’s in Your Beach Bag: Featuring Scout Bags

What's in your beach bag: featuring Scout Bags

Summer is almost here! Whether you are headed to the beach, the lake, or the pool you need a great beach bag to organize all your gear. JDA Promo recently became a distributor for Scout Bags, a wildly popular retail brand known for durable, stylish bags and accessories. Account Executive Kristie Burch, our resident product tester, put Scout Bags to the test and we feel confident recommending them for employee gifts, customer promotions, and online store merch.

I use the 3 Girls Tote as our family beach/pool bag, and it works perfectly for my family of four. (It’s also great for road trips!) The Pocket Rocket is my absolute favorite tote for personal use; it’s so versatile that I can take it to the pool OR to a client meeting. I love that they all fold flat and are so easy to clean. The material is super thick and durable; pictures just don’t do it justice.” 

Kristie Burch – JDA Promo Account Executive

Our Three Favorite Scout Beach Bags

When it comes to choosing a beach bag, it needs to be big enough to fit everything you need, easy to clean, and hold up against the elements.

Packing for One – The Pocket Rocket

If you’re flying solo at the pool or just headed out to work for the day, the Pocket Rocket can pack a surprising amount of stuff! It features six pockets on the outside (big enough to hold a 32 oz water bottle), and you’ve got plenty of room in the main compartment to pack books, snacks, a beach towel, and small necessities like sunscreen and chapstick. This bag also works well as an everyday tote for college students, teachers, nurses, or new moms.

For You and a Friend – The BJ Tote

This tote is perfect for 2-3 people. If you are headed down to the beach with a friend or spouse you can pile everything into this bag. It is small enough that it is still easy to carry, but big enough to fit both of your towels, snacks, and other essentials. Kit this bag with other beach essentials to make a great employee appreciation gift. (You could also use it as a gift for destination-centric events happening at a lake or beach resort.)

For the Whole Family – 3 Girls Extra Large Tote Bag 

This oversized beach bag will hold everything you need for the whole family. The max capacity zipper lets you fill the bag to the top so you can stuff towels, extra clothes, bathing suits, snacks, toys, and anything else you need to make the perfect pool day.  Like the other two styles, it folds flat for easy storage. This not only works as a beach bag but also as a travel bag, or for a long day at the ballpark.

Best Organizers for Your Beach Bag

Organization is key for a successful beach day. When you head to the beach, who wants to waste time digging through your bag to find the item you need?

The Kate Wristlet

This wristlet provides you with the perfect-sized bag for your cards, phone, and keys. The strap can attach to the strap of your big bag so it won’t get lost or shoved to the bottom.

Scout wristlet for your beach bag
Packing Heat Makeup Bag

More than just a makeup bag, this handy pouch will fit larger toiletry items like your hairbrush and sunscreen in the middle and smaller items like your chapstick in makeup in the side pockets. When you are not using it for your beach bag, it works well for travel toiletries or even organizing all of your chargers, headphones and tech gear.

scout makeup bag

Other Beach Bag Essentials

Quick Dry Sand Proof Beach Towel

A good towel is important for a great day at the beach. This sand proof beach towel is quick drying and offers sun protection, too! You can get super creative with edge-to-edge decoration capabilities. For an extensive list of towels check out our Beach Towel Basics Guide

quick dry sand proof beach towel
Malibu Sunglasses

If you are at the beach or the pool, an extra pair of sunglasses can always come in handy. Get your brand out in the sun with full-color Malibu sunglasses. You can choose between having the same or different designs on the arms of the sunglasses. 

Malibu sunglasses
Outdoor Essential Kit

This outdoor essential kit contains SPF 30 sunscreen, aftersun spray, insect bite relief, and insect repellent spray all in a convenient carrying case. This is great for any outdoor activity, but it is super convenient when spending the day at the beach. (It’s also a JDA staff favorite!)

Outdoor essential kit
Lip Balm & Sunstick Combo 

A lip balm and sun stick combo make it easy to reapply sun protection throughout the day. The sunstick has 30 spf and the chapstick has 15 spft to keep your skin safe from the sun. (This is also a great giveaway at outdoor community events or company picnics.)

Lip balm and sunscreen stick
Mini Sand Pail with Toys & Lid

This kid-friendly set of beach toys includes two sand molds, a sand lid/sifter, a shovel, a rake, and a watering can. It fits in the bucket so your child can easily carry it down to the beach. (It also fits easily in the 3 Girls Tote from Scout Bags along with your other gear.)

Mini sand pail with toys & lid
Facial Mist Sprayer

This travel-size rechargeable face mister holds up to 20 ml (approx. 5 minutes of spray time) of water making it easy to take with your anywhere you go. You can even add essential oils to make it a spa-like experience. The mister can be decorated on the top or on the back of the sprayer.

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