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12 Best Branded Promo Products for Pets

Promotional products for pets can be an effective marketing tool for businesses that want to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. With seventy percent of US households owning at least one pet, utilizing promotional products for pets can be an effective and affordable way to broaden your reach and can be applied to almost any…
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10 Giveaways for Under $3

Tradeshow season is underway and getting the most for your marketing money is important in today’s economy. We rounded up our top 10 giveaways for under $3. Here’s proof that you can still offer a fun giveaway without breaking the bank! Pal Pocket Jotter Take this pad anywhere. Small enough to fit in your pocket,…
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Product Spotlight: Your Guide to Beach Towel Basics

Selecting the right beach towel can seem overwhelming when there are so many choices. To help you pick the right towel for your brand, we put together a simple guide to help you sort through the technical jargon, and divided the options into three categories: budget, sublimated (i.e. full-color), and luxury/specialty towels. Beach Towel Basics…
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How to Make the Most of Your Promotional Products Budget

As we continue to recover from the pandemic, many of us are looking to stretch our budgets to the max this year. We put together our best tips for making the most of your promotional products budget in 2022.  Order early and plan ahead. Ordering early can really help you stay within your budget. This…
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10 Must Have Trade Show Gifts for 2022

Start this year’s events with the best new products! Trade show gifts offer a way to connect with your customers and leave a lasting impression. We created a list of our favorite new trade show giveaways gifts to help you put your best foot forward for the 2022 trade show season. The New Basics Give…
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What’s in Your Promo Closet? Our Ideas are Here!

Every business needs a promo closet. What’s a promo closet, you ask? It’s a stash of promotional goodies with your logo that you keep on hand for whatever need may arise. Today we’re going to walk you through the types of items you want in your promo closet and give you some suggestions of good…
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Patriotic Promotional Products for 4th of July

With the 4th of July holiday just a few weeks away, you might be looking for ways to add a little red, white and blue to your branding. Whether you’re hosting or sponsoring an event, patriotic promotional products add a fantastic flair to any 4th of July celebration. Here are a few tips to keep…
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