Promo 101: Badge Release Programs

Badge release programs provide an easy and cost-effective way to order personalized name badges on demand. No matter the size of your company, you can save big by buying badges in advance, and storing them in inventory with us until you need them. We’ll print your company logo on the badges when you place the bulk order, then add the names and titles as needed! Badge release programs make an excellent solution for onboarding new employees, replacing lost badges, or updating names and titles due to a name change or promotion.

How to pick out a badge?

Once you decide the badge release program is right for you, the fun begins!

There are several options of badges based on your budget, the material, information on the badge, and the attachment style. Your account executive will handpick options based on what you need to help you narrow down your options. Your account executive will be able to order samples for you to see the options in person.

Material Options: Options include plastic, aluminum, leather, wood, laminated and more. With so many options, you are able to perfectly match the badge to your companies branding.

Name tag for your new and old employees

What goes on the badge? Badges can be as simple as a logo and a name, or you can include a photo, title, name, and more. If you need different information for different departments, we can work with you on variable data. Some styles offer up to six lines of personalization so you are able to fit all the information you need.

Photo ID available for the badge release program.

How do I order my badges on demand?

After you’ve picked out your badge, you just send us an excel spreadsheet with names, titles, and shipping addresses if needed. (For example, if you’re rebranding, you might want to order a new badge for everyone to be delivered right away, and put some extra into inventory to use later for new hires.)

Just like that, your badge release program will be up and running in as little as two weeks!

You will be charged a small “badge-release” fee for any badges to be kept in inventory, and this covers the future shipping costs and personalization fee. We bill everything upfront so that there are no hidden future costs!

Once we set up your program, we’ll provide you with a website and log-in so that you can go online and order new badges as needed. Personalized badges typically ship within 2-3 business days, so you can enjoy the convenience of quick turnaround times!

Please keep in mind: You’ll need to use your release program to keep it active. Programs will automatically be closed after two years of inactivity.

Steps for ordering badges for your company

Time to reorder 

We also set a re-order point for your inventory so that you will automatically be reminded when it’s time to order more inventory for your program. Once your inventory starts to run low, your account representative will reach out to let you know it is time to reorder. You can simply reorder the same ones, or you can start the process all over again with a new type of name badge. 

Release programs are now available for more than just name badges!

Mousepads, coasters, and counter mats are now available in the release program. Talk to your sales representative about the possibilities! We can also help you create a complete onboarding experience with a new employee gift box! Click here for more ideas.

Mouse pad to complete the desk set for your new employee

Coaster for your employees desk that can be released with a badge
Counter desk mat that can be released as a set with the badges.

Badge release programs add convenience to your hiring process. Contact us today to get started! 

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